Madden 21 Simulation – Conference Championships – Will we get the State Farm bowl?

After correctly picking the Ravens to upset the Titans, Madden was not quite so lucky last week as the Buccaneers soundly beat the Saints to...[Read More]

Why Some D&D Encounters Are Just Better Than Others

Have you ever put a combat encounter together that you were really excited about? You poured over the mechanics and formulas you’ve been giv...[Read More]

Game Pass Update – January 21, 2021

Xbox Wire has released a second January Game Pass update. This one includes games coming to PC, Console, and Cloud gaming, perks, quests, an...[Read More]

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Coming to Switch in March

We have some great news for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning fan; it is coming to the Nintendo Switch on March 16, 2021! Now the re-release ...[Read More]

EVERSPACE 2 — Early Access First Impressions

EVERSPACE 2 is a game I’ve been watching with anticipation and fascination ever since I first got my hands on it at PAX South 2020 and the s...[Read More]

Madden 21 Simulation Divisional Series – Which old QB will come away with the win?

We are in the second week of the NFL Playoffs with Madden 21 correctly predicting that the Ravens would upset the Titans. This week’s ...[Read More]

Review – Star Wars: High Republic #1 – A New Era of Star Wars Comics is Here

“For light and life!” cheer the Jedi of the High Republic. I found myself excited by the phrase after finishing the first issue ...[Read More]

What’s to come in 2021 – A look at the big games coming out this year.

As we leave 2020 well behind us, it’s time to delve into what lays ahead of us in 2021. From big hitters to new IPs to learning more a...[Read More]

The Current State of Call of Duty Warzone: Did The Latest Patch Fix Warzone?

Hola, Call of Duty amigos! I hope that you all are well and are enjoying the extra gaming time, considering the winter season and the pandem...[Read More]

Madden 21 Simulation – Wild Card Weekend – Can the Ravens avenge their playoff loss against the Titans from last year?

It’s playoff time and this year we have six games on Wild Card Weekend. The game I chose to focus on is a rematch from last year’...[Read More]

Outriders Delayed Again. New Demo Coming Soon

With less than 30 days left until its second release window, People Can Fly’s upcoming Sci-Fi RPG, Outriders, has been delayed yet aga...[Read More]

Game Pass Update – January 5, 2021

Xbox Wire has just released the first Game Pass update of 2021. This update includes games coming to PC, Console, and Android, new perks, qu...[Read More]

How Gaming Saved 2020

2020 is finally coming to a close — and not a minute too soon. But as I pause and reflect on what has certainly been an eventful year, it’s ...[Read More]

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