Rogue Company – The Cosmetics Are Here!

Rogue Company developers recently released a new update today 09-02-2020 called retail therapy. We go over some of the patch notes and show ...[Read More]

Mortal Shell: An Average Gamer’s Review

When Mortal Shell launched on August 18, 2020, it was seen as a great way to enter the world of the “Soulslike” genre perfected ...[Read More]

Undermine Review

I recently got the chance to get my hands-on with Undermine for the Xbox One, an action-adventure rogue-like game. Find out how I got on wit...[Read More]

Rogue Company 2020 Roadmap And Shooting Range

Welcome to another MHG video, in this one we talk about the future or Rogue Company and reveal their 2020 roadmap. If you are looking for Ro...[Read More]

Destiny 2 – Beyond Light New Subclasses Gameplay

In this video we be you never seen before footage of the new Beyond Light Subclass gameplay! This footage was provided by Bungie in the pres...[Read More]

Analog Assault Podcast EP 103: Gamescom bombed? And New Destiny 2 Beyond Light Reveal

Sub to our twitch to help support MHG and watch us live: Welcome to episode 103 of the Analog Assault P...[Read More]

Behind the Scenes of Dragon Age 4 Revealed

Yesterday at the start of Gamescom the BioWare community got given something that they’ve been craving for a very long time, a more de...[Read More]

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Recocking – Choose Your Destiny: Finesse Trailer

THQ Nordic has released a new trailer for the upcoming Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning. The new trailer highlights some of the skills and p...[Read More]

What Did We Learn from Outriders Broadcast #3

This week, People Can Fly and Square Enix showed off more gameplay from their upcoming Cooperative-RPG-Shooter, Outriders. In their third mo...[Read More]

Fortress Vader Review

The Man in the Suit The Sith. Words that strike both fear and curiosity in many minds of the Star Wars fandom. Some of the most memorable ch...[Read More]

So You Want To Play Dungeons & Dragons

Welcome! If you’re here, it must be because you decided to take your first step into The World’s Greatest Role-playing Game. The only limit ...[Read More]

Analog Assault Podcast EP 102: Marvel Avengers Game BETA

Sub to our twitch to help support MHG and watch us live: Welcome to episode 102 of the Analog Assault P...[Read More]

Mortal Shell – First Impressions

Mortal Shell is a new “souls-like” game from indie developer Cold Symmetry. The team is only about 15 people and has done a fant...[Read More]

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