Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season Two: New gameplay trailer, operators, and weapons!

Mulehorn Gaming is your one-stop-shop for Call of Duty news. So you know that we have you covered when it comes to the upcoming Black Ops Co...[Read More]

Marvel’s Avengers’ Latest Hero is Coming Soon!

Earlier this week, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix showed off the latest add-on hero for Marvel’s Avengers, Hawkeye. Now, Clint Barto...[Read More]

Outriders: Stadia Release Date and New Demo Info

One of 2021’s most anticipated new action-RPGs, Outriders, is fast approaching its April release. Earlier this week we got some more n...[Read More]

Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Season Two Announced and Launch Date

This week, it was announced that Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops will receive their Season 2 update soon. Treyarch announced on Tuesday ...[Read More]

New World Delayed Until August 31, 2021

Amazon released a small developer update for its upcoming title, New World, this morning, outlining some new content that has been added and...[Read More]

Game Pass Update – February 16, 2021

Xbox Wire has released a Game Pass update for the second half of February. This one includes games coming to PC, Console, and Cloud gaming, ...[Read More]

Madden 21 Simulates the Super Bowl – Will Mahomes get his Second Ring?

After a split in the predictions during the AFC and NFC Championship games Madden has one more chance to predict the winner. As we head into...[Read More]

Sorry, but BioWare’s Censorship is Actually Needed

With the news of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition releasing on 5/14/2021, many details about changes, content, and what to expect have been...[Read More]

Game Pass Update – February 2, 2021

Xbox Wire has released the first Game Pass update for February. We have new games coming to PC, Console, and Cloud gaming, perks, quests, an...[Read More]

Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Details and Delights

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s official trailer has released, and it provided us with an insight as to what to expect and when to...[Read More]

Baseball is almost back (on Xbox)! MLB: The Show 21 is coming Xbox this year!

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of sports games and baseball games in particular. Or that I have been disappointed in the Major Le...[Read More]

The Medium Review

The Medium is the latest title to come from the developers over at The Bloober Team. As well as being on Gamepass it is the first exclusive ...[Read More]

What Did We See During Outriders’ Legendary Armor Week?

Following up after December’s “Legendary Weapons Week“, People Can Fly and Square Enix utilized a week in January to show ...[Read More]

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