Interview with Zach Pickard


One of my favorite things about cosplay is the potential to create a masterpiece from what seems like thin air. While it may take thousands of hours to become a Master prop builder, the truth is anyone can start at any level. You aren’t required to have any background or field of expertise. All you need is a little info and a whole lot of patience.

Zach Pickard has a meticulous attention to detail and many hours of labor have produced some of the most amazing props and cosplay. I had the honor of interviewing him and I must say, He is one of the most down to earth and humble people in this community. I’m sure he would never say it, so I will. Read more

Mass Effect Andromeda – Get To Know The New Ship The Tempest

Mass Effect

More news was released about Mass Effect Andromeda thanks to the good people over at Gameinformer. Bioware opened it’s doors and allowed them to take a sneak peak at some of the new things we will see in the next Mass Effect game, and it was beautiful! Let’s jump right in! Read more