Zeus’ Battlegrounds Beta Impression


Zeus’ Battlegrounds is a new free to play Battle Royale game by Industry Games.  At first glance, it looks and sounds like a cool idea but when you get some time in game; it is a completely different story.



Another Battle

On the surface, Zeus’ Battlegrounds is another Battle Royale game, but it has an interesting twist on the core game mechanics. The setting is in a fictional Greek era and starts much the same as any other BR, however this time you drop in (and this is probably the coolest part) as a giant fireball shooting down from the heavens. You will land somewhere on the map and start looting for armor, weapons and boosts in the same fashion as other BR games. The difference is this time you are looting for actual armor plating, sword/axes/bows and elixirs. Combat is heavily focused around melee although ranged combat is possible using bows and javelins. After playing about twenty games over several hours, I got to feel this difference first hand and it did not feel good.

Big Problems

Let me start by saying that while I know it was just a beta, it feels like it is a game that has a very long way to go. I am unsure if Zues’ Battlegrounds is supposed to have 100 players, the map size definitely made me feel like it should have, but the majority of my games where around sixty people. This led to long periods of time between contact with other players and made most of my play time rather boring. This, along with massive server issues causing constant lag and desync didn’t help with my enjoyment of this beta.

When dropping in, there is no rhyme or reason for where you start from, it seems to spawn you at a random location over the map.  Although it is not a huge issue, you begin having no idea where you are dropping and have to pull up the map as you are falling. Once you hit the ground, looting begins.  I’m not sure if it was where I dropped, the size of the map or the lack of 100 players but I never ran into anyone during this initial looting phase. I just looted away getting whatever I wanted. The loot only ever appeared in and around houses, it never seemed to spawn in the barns that littered the map.  This seemed like a waste of resources until you realize there is already an abundance of loot to grab. In every game I was fully kitted with everything I could want before I ever engaged in combat, although none of that seemed to matter.

Did I Hit?

Combat is by far the biggest complaint I had with this beta. Constant lag plagued me throughout each game I played. On top of that, there is no explanation of when or how your hits connect, even when shooting a bow. I had no indication or even a hint that my shots where hitting. When swinging a sword or an axe, some would pass right through the character model and others would hit without being swung anywhere near them. The combat overall just felt downright horrible for a game where this is the main focus. I would have the cursor on my enemy swinging away to no avail, and they would hit me twice when I wasn’t even in range for them to do so. It was absolutely enraging and really made me wanted to quit playing after a couple of games. Again, I don’t know if this was because of the lag or if the combat is actually not well designed but either way it is not a good feeling.

A Long Road Ahead

These are only the key factors I feel are hurting Zeus’ Battlegrounds, but there are many other small annoyances. The developers have a long way to go to make this game feel and play better. It is a really cool idea, and I hope they can turn it around but in its current state I am not very optimistic. My only hope is that they take in the feedback from this beta test and get right to work. Until then, I guess we can all just stick to the BR game that we are used to playing.

Do you have a chance to try out the Zeus’ Battlegrounds Beta?  Let’s us know your thoughts in the comments below

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