Xur’s Exotic Inventory 7/19/19

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The weekend is upon us and The Nine have sent their slippery Agent of Concessions, Xur, to grace us with the finest exotic treats! So hop in your jump ship and head over to Io and get yourself some gear.

This Week

This week, Friday 7/19, Xur can be found on Io inside a cave at the Giant’s Scar. If you’ve been out of the game for a little while, don’t forget to pick up his fated engram which will guarantee one exotic you don’t already have from previous seasons! 

For the Hunters

Hunters, you can get Aeon Swift exotic gauntlets. Its exotic perk, Aeon Energy will grant specific ability energy to nearby allies. Those allies who also have the Aeon Cult items equipped will receive bonus energy. This week’s roll comes with Shotgun Loader, Impact Induction, and Momentum Transfer. The second row of perks includes Grenade Launcher Scavenger and Rocket Launcher Scavenger. This exotic can also be obtained from Curse of Osiris campaign completion. Unless you’ve boosted your character, are looking to collect all of the exotics on alternate characters, or genuinely like the rolls, there are better ways to spend your shards.

For the Titans

Titans, you can get the Eternal Warrior exotic helmet. Its exotic perk is Resolute, which will grant you with an over shield when activating the Striker’s Fists of Havoc. This week’s roll comes with Auto Rifle targeting, Power Weapon Targeting, and Enhanced Bow Targeting (greatly increased target acquisition). The second row of perks includes Fusion Rifle Reserves and Machine Gun Reserves. While I feel this exotic is a bit too situational. The enhanced bow targeting might be beneficial to those working on chasing the Hush bow in Gambit. 


For the Warlocks

Warlocks, you can get Starfire Protocol exotic chest armor. Its exotic perk is Fusion Harness, which grants a second fusion grenade charge for the solar subclass. Your fusion grenades will also charge faster from empowered weapon damage and grant bonus rift energy when an enemy is killed by them. This week’s roll comes with Unflinching Hand Cannon Aim, Unflinching Sidearm Aim, and Unflinching Machine Gun. The second row of perks includes Pulse Rifle Reserves and Sidearm Reserves.  As someone who really enjoyed this exotic in the original Destiny for its utility, I think this is something worth picking up. This particular roll can work well in boss fights. With unflinching machine gun damage in an empowering rift granting fusion grenade energy.


The Weapon

This week’s exotic weapon is Coldheart the exotic trace rifle. The exotic perk on this weapon is called Cold Fusion, which causes the weapon to fire a steady cold-fusion powered laser. What makes this weapon truly special is the additional perk called Longest Winter, which allows Coldheart to do more damage the longer the weapon stays on its target if you’re blessed enough to get the catalyst for this weapon. It’ll only take 300 kills to upgrade it to its masterwork form which will grant +20 range and +20 stability. This will make it even easier to keep the weapon on target. Early in Destiny 2’s lifetime, this was the ultimate Calus killer in the Leviathan raid, but since the re-introduction of Sleeper Simulant and Light Machine Guns, people have gravitated away from this pre-order exclusive. If you’re new to Destiny 2 or haven’t managed to pick this up over the course of the last two years, DEFINITELY add it to your collection.

You can buy each of the exotic armors for 23 legendary shards a piece and Coldheart for 29 legendary shards. 

With Shadowkeep on the horizon, it’ll be interesting to see how Xur’s inventory will continue to evolve and what place he will have in the future of Destiny 2. Until then, we’ll wait for next week and see what shiny trinkets the man from beyond will bring us. 

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