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Another Friday is upon us and our favorite Squid-Faced exotic Vendor Xur has returned to the game. So, gather up your shards and hop on your sparrow, it’s time to get some loot!

This week, Friday 7/5/19, Xur can be found on Nessus inside Calus’ Treasure Barge in Watcher’s Grave. If you’ve been out of the game for a little while, don’t forget to pick up his fated engram which will guarantee one exotic you don’t already have! 

Hunter Gear

For the Hunters, you can get the exotic helmet Graviton Forfeit. Its exotic perk, Vanishing Shadow, prolongs any invisibility ability and melee charges recharge faster while invisible. This week’s rolls come with Sub-Machine Gun Targeting, Energy weapon Targeting, and Machine Gun Targeting. The second row of perks includes Shotgun Reserves and Special Ammo Finder.

Xur is selling Graviton Forfeit

Titan Gear

For the Titans, you can get the exotic helmet Kephri’s Horn. Its exotic perk, Solar Rampart, allows solar damage to recharge your barricade, which unleashes a blast of solar energy when summoned. This week’s rolls come with Auto Rifle Targeting, Bow Targeting, and Enhanced Handgun Targeting (greatly increased target acquisition). The second row of perks includes Shotgun Reserves and Heavy Ammo Finder.

If you are a Titan main I know what you are thinking this exotic is not worth it. Well, usually I’d be inclined to agree with you however, the enhanced handgun perk is no joke, especially with hand cannons being in a good place within the meta right now.

 Xur is selling Khepri's Horn

Warlock Gear

For the Warlocks, you can get the exotic gauntlet, Sunbracers. Its exotic perk is Helium Spirals which increases the duration of solar grenades and allows solar melee kills to grant unlimited Solar Grenade energy for a brief period of time. This week’s rolls come with Fastball, Light Arms Loader, Enhanced Rocket launcher Loader (greatly increases reload speed). The second row of perks includes Linear Fusion Rifle Scavenger and Machine Gun Scavenger.

 Xur is selling Sunbracers

Weekly Weapon

This week’s exotic weapon is the exotic Submachine gun, The Huckleberry, and the exotic perk on it Ride the Bull, increases the rate of fire and recoil the longer the trigger is held. Kills also refill a portion of the magazine. If you have not had the opportunity to try out this weapon or if it’s sitting in your vault I encourage you to pull this gun and USE IT! By far one of the best submachine guns in the game especially when a masterwork is applied to and it becomes an orb making machine!

Xur is selling The Huckleberry

You can buy each exotic armor piece for 23 Legendary Shards and The Huckleberry for 29 Legendary Shards. 

That’s all for this week! Hope to see you out there guardians! Remember if you are looking for a clan consider joining the Mules of War! When in doubt BLOW IT UP!!!


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