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There are four weekends left before Shadowkeep and without fail, Xur has returned to the Sol System to grace us with another set of exotic wares for purchase. I think Xur is secretly holding out the GOOD goods until he can get his slippery hands on some Strange Coins again, but after two years without them, you’d think he’d get used to the new currency and bring something new and exciting in his backpack. Maybe he’s keeping it open to carry people in competitive (or the new 3v3 eliminations coming in Shadowkeep)…but who knows. 

This week, Xur is located at the Winding Cove in the European Dead Zone. Head towards the shard of the Traveler and he should be next to a Fallen Ketch on top of a ridge. If you don’t have a complete collection of exotic gear, don’t forget to pick up the Fated/Isochronal Engram! I finally got around to completing my Hunter during the Solstice event and I’m missing some of the exotic armor, so I will take the next few weeks to finish out my collection. Now, on to the inventory!

Hunter Armor

For the Hunters, you can purchase the exotic leg armor: Gemini Jester. Its intrinsic perk “Misdirection” will disorient nearby enemies and temporarily remove their radar when the player dodges. Its first row of perks includes Outreach, Power Dexterity, and Machine Gun Dexterity. The second row of perks has Primary and Special Ammo Finder. Unless you’re just returning to the game from launch or are looking to add this to your collection for the first time, these rolls aren’t anything to write home about. 

Titan Armor

The Titans can purchase the exotic leg armor: Lion Rampant. The intrinsic perk is called “Jump Jets” which provides additional aerial maneuverability and enables accurate hip-fire while you’re in the air during lift. The first row of perks are Bomber, Dynamo, and Oversize Weapon Dexterity and the second row has Pulse and Scout Rifle Scavengers. While this was a “must use” exotic for the Titans in Vanilla Destiny 2 for nearly all applications, there are just better exotics for a lot of situations right now. If you couple that with rolls that don’t synergize well with each other, these are also just for the completionists out there. Personally, I still like to use them for jumping puzzles and I think the “Rocket Scientist” Ornament looks pretty good!


Warlock Armor

Warlocks this week are in for a little treat. The Sunbracers exotic gauntlets are available for purchase and their intrinsic perk “Helium Spirals” increases the duration of Solar Grenades and charged Solar melee kills grant unlimited Solar Grenade energy for a brief time. While a bit specific and situational, what makes these ones specifically a treat is the rolls. In the first row, you have Scout Rifle Loader, Fastball, and Momentum Transfer while in the second tree there’s Sniper Scavenger and Heavy Ammo Finder.  Utilizing Momentum Transfer will reduce your melee cooldown upon grenade kills and getting melee kills will grant unlimited grenade energy for a short duration (usually enough for 5 grenades). I think this works really well together and if you’re looking to finish a bounty or quest for grenade kills, this might be the trick to help you out. On a personal note, I really dig the Osiris themed ornament available for these with the white fluid. Helps out with coordinating space fashions!

Weekly Weapon

This week’s exotic weapon is Lord of Wolves, the exotic shotgun. Its intrinsic perk “Shrapnel Launcher” fires a powerful short-range burst of Solar damage. It also has an exotic trait called “Release the Wolves” which will grant a longer, more powerful burst after you hold reload. If you remember early in Forsaken up until a few weeks ago this weapon was a little on the hot side in the Crucible but has since been brought back in line with other weapons. This thing still is a lot of fun and has been a bit difficult to obtain for some. If you’ve got the shards, it’s worth picking up.

You can buy each of the exotic armors for 23 legendary shards a piece and Lord of Wolves for 29 legendary shards. 

Weekly News 

If you haven’t had a chance to check out this week’s TWAB, I suggest giving it a read. We got our first look into some significant changes coming to subclasses, buffs, and debuffs as well as some of the overall changes to Crucible coming in Shadowkeep. We also got a date for the next Bungie Bounty which will be Tuesday, September 10th 3-5P PST on Xbox and feature Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox and Pete Parsons, CEO of Bungie in the Heroic Strikes playlist.

Shadowkeep is less than one month away and we still have a lot of Destiny 2 to be played before then. If you’re looking for a mature group of Guardians to play some endgame activities or need some help with a difficult quest, consider joining our clan “Mules of War”! You can find more information about it in our Discord. Until the next time Xur decides to grace our presence, remember: When in Doubt, BLOW IT UP!

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