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Guardians Xur has returned to our solar system and he comes bearing gifts! I am beginning to think our space friend has adopted the personification of Santa Clause these past two weeks giving us some really good rolls on things! I am personally excited about this week’s rolls so let’s dive in and take a look at what Santa Xur has for us this week!  

This week, Friday 8/9, Xur can be found on Nessus on the Imperial Barge. Even though Xur is selling two Forsaken Exotics this week if you are still lacking any be sure to buy that Fated engram!

Hunter Armor

For the Hunters, the Shards of Galanor are back in the rotation and these things are pretty fantastic with TWO enhanced perks on it. It’s exotic perk Sharp Edges will give back super energy with hits and kills after the super ends. This week’s rolls come with Bow re-loader, Enhanced impact induction, and enhanced Hand Cannon Loader. The second row of perks includes Rocket Launcher Scavenger and Sniper Rifle Scavenger. This is two weeks in a row that my boy Xur has come through for the hunter! Although the shards got hit pretty hard by the nerf bat awhile back these are still useful in super regeneration situations and crowd control. The enhanced perk Impact Induction is a great synergistic perk to go with this exotic. After doing some testing around Nessus it looks like you can cut your grenade cool down in half by stacking x3 Playing with fire and throwing an impact mod on the gauntlets. I am enjoying them and I am glad to add this to my stash of enhanced armor! 

Titan Armor

For the Titans, after getting one of the best exotic rolls in the game last week you know have the opportunity to own ACD/0 Feedback Fence exotic gauntlets. Its exotic perk is Fury Conductions which when getting melee kills will charge the gauntlets and then when an enemy hits you the damage you take is reduced and the energy stored is released killing anything around you with max stacks. This week’s rolls come with Pulse Rifle Loader, Sidearm Loader, and Momentum Transfer. The second row of perks includes Sniper Rifle Scavenger and Machine Gun Scavenger. These gauntlets are fun to use and even though this roll isn’t the best in the world it’s still worth having in your collection if you don’t have it already. 

Warlock Armor

For the Warlocks, it’s another Forsaken exotic the Chromatic Fire. Its exotic perk is Crystalline Transistor which will create an explosion of your equipped subclass on precision kills. This week’s rolls come with Unflinching Fusion rifle Aim, Unflinching Hand Cannon Aim, and Unflinching Sniper Aim. The second row of perks includes Bow Reserves and Special Ammo Finder. At first glance, this exotic might be one you pass over either because you have the exotic already or you just don’t care for the rolls. Allow me to explain why you need this specific exotic in your arsenal now. Unflinching is a fantastic perk to have on armor but you compliment that with the fact that this exotic thrives on precision kinetic kills and you’ve got yourself a great exotic combo. I can’t wait to try this with a kinetic sniper aka Revoker! 

Weekly Weapon

This week’s exotic weapon is The Colony! Yes, the Space Rabbit shooter has returned! Yes, I said space rabbit shooter believe it or not this exotic in its inception actually shot the EDZ rabbits when testing the weapon at Bungie! The exotic perk on this grenade launcher is called Insectoid Robot Grenades. Which when fired will launch mobile grenades that will chase down and explode close to opponents. This weapon is a ton of fun if you haven’t acquired it yet I’d encourage you to do so or just pull it out of collections and take it for a spin! 


You can buy each of the exotic armors for 23 legendary shards a piece and The Colony for 29 legendary shards. 


I don’t know about y’all but I am super pumped about the news that has come out this week pertaining to Armor 2.0, Steam migration, and Cross-Save! It’s a great time to be a guardian and Destiny is in the best place that it has ever been! Eyes up Guardians we have a lot of tasty news ahead so keep your eyes on our website for coverage on the new stuff pertaining to Shadowkeep! Looking for a clan? Join us! The Mules of War are accepting new members! When in doubt BLOW IT UP!!!!



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