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Ever wondered what would happen if Xur had the Infinity gauntlet? Me too. I feel like he would either shower us with loot or just decide to wipe out all of our exotics and make us start over again…Either way enough shenanigans Xur is here and he comes bearing another Annual pass exotic!     

This week, Friday 8/23, Xur can be found on Nessus on the Calus Golden Barge. The fated engram is still available and I will probably purchase it this week just to see if I get lucky if another annual Pass Exotic drops from it!

Hunter Armor

Screenshot Preview

Hunters, Shinobu’s Vow exotic gauntlets are available this week and I love the chrome look of this exotic. The exotic perk is New Tricks which improves Skip Grenade tracking and grants you an additional grenade charge. It will also allow you to regain grenade energy when it damages enemies. This week’s roll comes with Sub-machine Gun Loader, Fastball, and Momentum Transfer. The second row of perks includes Grenade Launcher Scavenger and Special Ammo Finder. This exotic is fun to use in the Crucible in my opinion. It allows me to typically have grenades up every time I am engaged in a fight and more often times than not that Skip Grenade has made all the difference in the fight. Momentum Transfer is a nice perk to have on this weapon because both of the arc melees for the hunter are actually really good. If you have this exotic I encourage you to take it into the crucible to see if it helps you as much as it has me.  

Titan Armor

Screenshot Preview

Titans, the exotic that Xur has brought you today is the very interesting looking Ashen Wake exotic gauntlets. The intrinsic perk on these gauntlets is called Bring the Heat. Which allows Fusion Grenades to explode on impact and will allow you to throw them faster. This week’s perks include Linear Fusion Rifle Loader, Sub-machine Gun Loader, and Momentum Transfer. The second row of perks includes Special Ammo Finder and Heavy Ammo Finder. This exotic looks fantastic in my opinion however the perk on it is asking me to use a grenade that does nowhere near as much damage as it should. Honestly, I think all sticky grenades need a small buff on damage, not a crazy amount just enough to make them viable.

Warlock Armor

Screenshot Preview

Warlocks, you receive a crown this week but not just any crown it’s the Crown of Tempest. Its exotic perk is Conduction Tines which increases the recharge rate of Arc abilities when getting a kill with Arc abilities. It will also extend your Stormtrance super. This week’s roll comes with Bow Targeting, Light Reactor, and Machine Gun Targeting. The second row of perks includes Fusion Rifle Reserves and Machine Gun Reserves. This is a really good exotic to have as when needing to clear out a ton of enemies or if you just want to have a really long super in the crucible. The perks on it are actually really well synergized with each other especially if you are a fusion rifle junkie like myself. Worth a pick up if you don’t have it already.

Weekly Weapon

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This week’s exotic weapon is the Arbalest exotic Linear Fusion Rifle. The exotic perk is called Compounding Force which fires slugs that cause massive damage to shields and then on top of that Disruption Break allows them to be vulnerable to kinetic damage for a brief period of time. I actually enjoy this weapon in PVE and PVP it’s really strong and it helps out when running nightfall with Match Game active. I hope that we see more exotics like this in the future for fusion rifles they definitely need more variety than what we have right now. 

You can buy each of the exotic armors for 23 legendary shards a piece and Arbalest for 29 legendary shards. 

Weekly News

Wow! Have we had a ton of news come through the pipeline for Destiny this past week or what?! Steam migration was this week and so was the launch of Cross-Save!!! I am loving the game on PC it just feels so smooth! I know I am late to the party but I can’t wait to see how this brings together not only our community but others as well! That being said, don’t forget we are looking for members to join our clan! The Mules of War are accepting new members on all platforms! Jump into our discord and get to know our awesome community and remember when in doubt BLOW IT UP!!!!


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