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Xur is back! Back again! Tell a Friend! Welcome back Guardians to our weekly discussion and preview of Xur’s inventory. This week we have a surprise addition to the loot table in the form of an Annual Pass exotic! Let’s dive in and take a look at his wares.  

This week, Friday 8/16/19, Xur can be found on Titan on the Rig in his normal spot. The fated engram is still available and I will probably purchase it this week just to see if I can get lucky with another Annual Pass Exotic drop.

Hunter Armor

Hunters, we drew the short straw this week and got the worst exotic in my opinion in the entire game. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Aeon Swift exotic gauntlets. The exotic perk is Aeon Energy which in combination with other Aeon exotics from the other classes can provide a buff to your character. In this case, the Hunters receive a buff to dodge energy. This week’s rolls come with Impact Induction, Enhanced Hand Cannon Loader, and Machine Gun Loader. The second row of perks includes Rocket Launcher Scavenger and Special Ammo Finder. Not a great exotic at all. This one really needs to be looked at and returned so that it could be useful in some capacity. I would pick Shards or Liar’s Handshake over this exotic hands down. Pick it up if you don’t have it but honestly it’s not worth the shards.  

Titan Armor

Titans, you get the prize of the day. The Annual Pass exotic Stronghold gauntlets! The exotic perk is Clenched Fist which activates while using a sword to guard. You gain increased movement speed, don’t lose ammo, and any shots blocked will heal you in the process. This week’s rolls come with Sidearm Loader, Light Arms Loader, and Rifle Loader. The second row of perks includes Linear Fusion Rifle Scavenger and Shotgun Scavenger. 

To be honest, I didn’t think Xur would sell any of the Annual Pass gear until Shadowkeep launched so color me surprised! The healing perk on the gauntlet is nice, however, it is limited by Heavy ammo availability and requires that you use a sword. Personally, I like to use swords but I know there are others out there that would much rather use a machine gun or something else. I would say pick these up even though they are very situational.  

Warlock Armor

Warlocks, you get the Warmind exotic, Verity’s Brow. Its exotic perk is The Fourth Magic which boosts grenade energy rate for you and nearby allies when getting kills with Energy weapons. This week’s rolls come with Scout Rifle Targeting, Heavy Lifting, and Energy Weapon Targeting. The second row of perks includes Fusion Rifle Reserves and Grenade Launcher Reserves. A lot of people are glancing over this exotic with mediocre reviews and although I understand there are other exotic helmets that are by far and away better, this is actually a pretty good roll. While it may not be a “God Roll”, the energy weapon targeting is actually pretty good and it applies to shotguns and fusion rifles. It synergizes with the main perk fairly well so I would say this is worth picking up and testing to see how it feels.

Weekly Weapon

On the weapon front, we have the Telesto Fusion Rifle. The exotic perk is called Unplanned Reprieve which will launch void projectiles that stick and detonate with a void blast killing anything that it touches. Crucible players know this exotic all too well. As I was grinding Comp I saw my fair share of this weapon and even though they “nerfed it”, it remains an efficient killing machine in the Crucible. If you don’t have it pick it up otherwise save those shards for a rainy day!   

You can buy each of the exotic armor pieces for 23 legendary shards and Telesto for 29 legendary shards. 

Weekly Wrap-Up!

Another week is in the books and I gotta say Luke smith has been laying the smackdown on his state of the game posts! I am super pumped about Armor 2.0 and the changes coming to Destiny 2. You may say why am I reading a Xur article when I know that these rolls are going to be gone? Let me ease your fears for a brief second…trying out different perk combos that you may not have normally used is something that you could be doing now in the game to see how it fits with new and different play styles you potentially can create when we get to dive in to all the new stuff come Oct. 1st.

Cross save is coming so you know what that means, Clan Recruitment time! Join the Mules of War! We are accepting new members. Jump into our discord and get to know our awesome community and remember when in doubt BLOW IT UP!!!!

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