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The weekend has finally arrived and our favorite Squid-Faced exotic vendor has returned to the game. So, gather up your shards and hop on your sparrow, it’s time to get some loot!

This week, Friday 6/28/19, Xur can be found in the tower on the back left-hand side of the hangar, just behind the Dead Orbit area. If you’ve been out of the game for a little while, don’t forget to pick up his fated engram which will guarantee one exotic you don’t already have! Also, Xur has an exotic quest called Invitation of the Nine. Only one segment can be picked up each week so you will want to complete it before Xur returns on the following Friday to progress. This quest line has some great story content and cinematics!

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This Week’s Exotic Armors

For the Hunters, you can get the STOMP-EE5 Leg Armor. Its exotic perk is Hydraulic Boosters which increases sprint speed and slide distance. The armor improves High Jump, Strafe Jump, and Trip Jump. This exotic armor is very hand for Hunters who want to travail some of D2’s toughest jumping puzzles. This week’s rolls come with either the Mobility Enhancement Mod or Plasteel Reinforcement Mod. The 2nd tier rolls are Auto Rifle Dexterity, Fusion Rifle Dexterity, and Perpetuation. Lastly, third tier rolls are Scout Rifle Scavenger and Sidearm Scavenger. 

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For the Titans, you can get the One-Eyed Mask exotic helmet. Its exotic perk is Vengeance which marks the enemy that deals damage to you. Track down and destroy your enemy for increased damage and overshield. This week’s rolls come with Mobility Enhancement Mod or Restorative Mod in the first tier. Choose between Bow Targeting, Hand Cannon Targeting, and Remote Connection in the second tier. Lastly, Fusion Rifle Reserves and Sniper Rifle Reserves are available in the third tier.  

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For the Warlocks, you can pick up the Chromatic Fire chest armor. Its exotic perk is Crystalline Transistor which will enable precision kills with your Kinetic weapon to create an explosion in the element of your equipped subclass  This week’s rolls come with Mobility Enhancement Mod or Restorative Mod in the first tier. The second tier contains Unflinching Auto Rifle Aim, Unflinching Hand Cannon Aim, and Unflinching Kinetic Aim. The third tier possesses Sidearm Reserves and Submachine Gun Reserves.  

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This Week’s Exotic Weapon

This week’s exotic weapon offered is The Vigilance Wing, the exotic Pulse Rifle. The exotic perk on the weapon is the Harsh Truths which enables the weapon to fire a 5-round burst. When a nearby ally is killed, gain health regeneration and increased movement speed. This weapon has been a PVP go-to gun for some time now.  

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You can buy each of the exotic armors for 23 legendary shards a piece and the exotic weapon for 29 legendary shards.

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