Xur Exotic Inventory 6/14/2019

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Another Friday is upon us and our favorite Squid-Faced exotic Vendor has returned to the game. So, gather up your shards and hop on your sparrow, it’s time to get some loot!

This week, Friday 6/14/19, Xur can be found on Nessus inside Calus’ Treasure Barge in Watcher’s Grave. If you’ve been out of the game for a little while, don’t forget to pick up his fated engram which will guarantee one exotic you don’t already have!

For the Hunters, you can get Knucklehead Radar the exotic helmet. Its exotic perk is Upgraded Sensor Pack which will grant you the ability to see radar while aiming down your primary sights and while crouched enhances radar resolution. This week’s rolls come with Light Reactor, Ashes to Assets, or Precision Weapon Targeting, and Grenade Launcher Reserves or Special Ammo Finder.

For the Titans, you can get AC/DO Feedback Fence the exotic gauntlets. Its exotic perk is Furry Conductors which will cause your melee kills to build up energy and in turn releases the energy built up upon a melee attack from an enemy. This week’s rolls come with  Fastball, Kinetic Weapon Loader or Power Weapon Loader, and Heavy Ammo Finder or Grenade Launcher Scavenger.

For the Warlocks, you can get Geomag Stabilizers the exotic Leg Armor. Its exotic perk is Close Enough which will extend the duration of Chaos Reach and allow the guardian to top off their super energy by sprinting. This week’s rolls come with Dynamo, Kinetic Dexterity or Oversized Weapon Dexterity, and Primary Ammo Finder or Special Ammo Finder.

This week’s exotic weapon is The Queenbreaker the exotic Linear Fusion Rifle and the exotic perk on it is Wire Rifle.

You can buy each of the exotic armors for 23 legendary shards a piece and The Queenbreaker for 29 legendary shards. GO GET YOUR LOOT!

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