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The last few days have left gaming riddled with news from Microsoft on the upcoming new generation of its popular Xbox series. With console announcements, launch titles, and subscription details, Microsoft is setting a high bar for its competitors. November 10, 2020, is right around the corner, so let’s take a look at what details we have now that the big announcements are here.

Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X was announced last year, and it was received in high regard. Promising 60fps and other specs similar to that of PC gaming, the world has been buzzing since that announcement. Since then, a number of other details have been released, such as a launch window, and some upcoming titles, but it wasn’t until this week that the launch date and pre-order date were made known. Most importantly, the price-tag was revealed, too.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X will be launching at $499.99, which is not so surprising for those keeping tabs. However, many would consider this a fair price point. Very little complaints have been voiced based on this announcement, and for good reason. A console that is going to provide a close experience to the “PC Master Class” at that price is well worth it (and this is coming from a PC gamer).

Xbox Series S

Despite a leak a few days ago, Xbox did confirm that launching alongside their Xbox Series X, would be a smaller, all-digital console called the Xbox Series S. While speculated since Sony’s announcement of their PS5 Digital Edition, nothing had been confirmed by Xbox until this week. This console provides a great deal to those looking to game on Xbox on a budget and without the hassle of discs. The hardware does have a drop in some of the highly touted specs of the Xbox Series X, however, it will still be able to perform at a high quality.

Xbox Box Series S

Xbox Box Series S

The Xbox Series S is fully digital and much smaller than its Series X counterpart. It will be available starting at $299, a price that is also hard to criticize.

Xbox All Access

Perhaps the biggest announcement Xbox has made this week was that related to Xbox All Access. This all-inclusive pass to all things Xbox allows gamers to purchase a new console (the Series S) and Game Pass Ultimate for only $24.99/month for 24 months with no upfront costs. This also includes an EA Play membership, which being added to Game Pass Ultimate, further solidifying the strong bond between Microsoft and EA. In the US, Xbox All Access can be purchased through favorite retailers, such as BestBuy, Gamestop, and Target (and more!).

For those already subscribed to Xbox All Access, Microsoft is already working on ensuring that the transition from the current look of All Access to the new look – including obtaining the new generation of consoles – is as easy as ever. For more information on that process, check here on the Xbox site. Additionally, EA Play will also be available to those who already subscribe to both/either Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Game Pass PC.

Launch Titles

A big name game has announced that it will be arriving on launch: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Ubisoft made its announcement today that their next installment of the beloved series will debut alongside the Xbox Series X and S. Valhalla is capturing a lot of attention for its return to a more classic AC experience, while maintaining some of the newer RPG elements it has added in its last few titles. Assassin’s the world over, your adventure begins on November 10, 2020.

Game Changer

Xbox and Microsoft are making moves that are bound to change the way gaming is experienced forever. Get ready, get set, go! Pre-orders for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S go live on September 22, 2020. Good luck, have fun, BLOW IT UP and most importantly, Stay Rad.

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