X-Morph : Defense Impressions


Have you ever wished you could play both a Tower Defense and Twin Stick Shooter game at the same time?  Well, look no further than X-Morph : Defense by EXOR Studios available now of PC, Xbox and PS4.

In X-Morph : Defense you play as an invading alien race that is terraforming the Earth and harvesting the planets resources. Fight your way through many of the world’s countries like South Africa, Great Britain, Russia, USA and Canada.  Your mission is to protect your harvester from wave after wave of Earth’s defense forces.  You control a fighter that can be used to both build defense towers or take the fight directly to the enemy with its onboard weaponry.  However, you cannot do both at the same time and must make on the fly decisions as to which will be more effective at taking down your attackers.  You will face Aerial and Ground troops and even huge mech boss fights. Each of which will present a different challenge to overcome.

Control the Battlefield

At the beginning of each wave you are given a set up period that allows you to see the path the incoming enemy troops will take.  You can use the terrain to your advantage, place towers just about anywhere, knock down buildings, blow up bridges or build laser fences between towers to impede enemies, and make them travel longer distances to get to your extractor and spend more time in range of your deadly towers.  Each subsequent wave may change the route of attack or may even present new ones.  You will have to balance building new towers vs moving existing one to better defend your extractor.  Your goal through the campaign is to solidify a foot hold on strategic areas of the planet.  With each location taken, you are awarded upgrade points to boost your tower and fighter abilities.

Play with Friends

Split screen couch co-op allows you and a friend to tackle the campaign together.  The missions have more enemies and attack from new directions making them different from the solo campaign.  A great deal of cooperation and balancing of direct fire/tower placement will be necessary to succeed.

Survival Mode DLC

This free DLC is a game mode where players need to hold out as long as they can against endless waves of enemy attackers.  A new update for Survival will bring 10 new levels and randomized gameplay to everyone who owns X-Morph : Defense when it releases.

European Assault DLC

New front, new deadly opponents.  Fight your way through Holland, Finland and France.   Your attackers will not go down easily as they wield new technology that will force you to change your tactics to maintain control and protect your harvester.


I really enjoyed my time with X-Morph : Defense and I would recommend it to any fan of tower defense games.  It offers challenging game play and different modes which bring a lot of replayability.  Have you played X-Morph : Defense?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Mike (AKA SnekPlayz) has been playing games since the days of the Commodore Vic 20 and enjoys playing most genres from Action Adventure to FPS to Racing. He is a part-time streamer on Twitch at https://twitch.tv/Snek_Playz

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