Write for Mulehorn Gaming

Write for Mulehorn Gaming

Do you love video games? How about movies? Technology? You know, geeky stuff.
Do you enjoy writing articles? Maybe you haven’t thought about it before and you want to give it a shot!

Here at MHG, we are always looking for individuals who sync up with our interests (mostly blowing stuff up) and want to become contributors on the Mulehorn Gaming site. No, you don’t have to have much experience, but a writing sample might help us understand who you are.

What can we do for you

  1. If you have a single article and you’re looking for a home for it, let us know! Our Affiliate writers require 1 article per month.
  2. If you want to write regularly, we’re open to bringing you into the Mulepack, our team of writers and podcasters. (Required 3 articles per month.)
  3. Field Reporter – Would you like to cover regional events? Consider being a field reporter.

You’ll join us and our team in our writer Discord server.  Here we share ideas, help one another out, and all contribute to a greater cause: Making awesome stuff. That includes contests, podcasts, articles here on mulehorngaming.com, and whatever else we can dream up.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, give our podcasts a listen. Read some articles here. Get a feel for what we are into, and if you think we would be a good match, then shoot us an email at TheMulebag@mulehorngaming.com. Tell us a bit about yourself, including links to your social media, previous writing examples if possible, and anything else you think makes you who you are!

And remember… When in doubt, blow it up!

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