What’s to come in 2021 – A look at the big games coming out this year.

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As we leave 2020 well behind us, it’s time to delve into what lays ahead of us in 2021. From big hitters to new IPs to learning more about games to come. This year is jam-packed full of new releases and no doubt there will be a few surprises along the way.

2020 was the year none of us expected and that much can be said for the gaming world too. We saw some ambitious titles come out, some took off and some didn’t do as well as we expected, but alas friends it’s a new year and I’m here to break down some of the little treats we can expect in 2021. So what exactly is coming out?


Photo credit Square Enix

Outriders is a third-person shooter with a hint of RPG elements brought to you by the developer “People Can Fly”. It’s worth noting that Outriders originally had a February 2021 release date, however, this has recently been pushed back to release on April 1st. The good news though is that they’re releasing a demo on the 25th of February giving everyone the chance to play a part of the game before it releases.

Outriders will be available on Xbox One, PS4, Next-gen consoles, and PC.

Mass Effect Legendary edition

Photo credit EA

Something that a lot of people are excited about is the release of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. All 3 of the original Mass Effect games will be remastered and optimized for 4k Ultra HD, this edition also offers all of the original DLC, packs, weapons, and armor. This is something BioWare fans have been asking for so the hype is real with this one. Pre-orders have opened and there has been talk of it releasing in March, however, no official word has come from BioWare or EA on this.

Mass Effect Legendary edition will be available on Xbox One, PS4, next-gen consoles, and PC.

Halo Infinite

Photo credit Microsoft

Halo Infinite was originally supposed to ship with the Xbox Series X|S, unfortunately, though due to the ongoing pandemic this has now been pushed back to the fall of this year. Die-hard Halo fans will no doubt be looking forward to this next installment alongside the games free to play multiplayer which will 120fps on the Series X.

Halo Infinite will be available on Xbox Game Pass and PC.

The Medium

Photo credit Bloober Team

The Medium is the next gen’s brand new horror game. A very unique title that allows players to switch between the real world and the spirit world giving you a wide perspective in-game. It’s also worth noting that the game’s soundtrack has been created by Akira Yamaoka who famously created the soundtrack to Silent Hill.

The Medium is releasing on the 28th of January and will be available on day one on Game Pass and PC.

Far Cry 6

Photo credit Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s next installment in the Far Cry series takes us to the island of Yara where you find yourself in the middle of a revolution. The game’s villain is played by none other than Giancarlo Esposito who is famous for his roles in Breaking Bad and The Mandalorian. As of yet, we don’t have a specific release date but it is set to drop at some point this year.

Far Cry 6 will be available on Xbox One, PS4, next-gen consoles, and PC.

Horizon Forbidden West

Photo credit Sony

The highly anticipated sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn is expected to launch in the latter part of this year. The game will see Aloy travel across the United States, more specifically from Utah to San Francisco. Horizon Zero Dawn was responsible for people wanting to pick up a PS4, will the sequel do the same for the PS5? Only time will tell.

Horizon Forbidden West will be available on the PS4 and PS5.

News to come?

Photo credit EA

As well as all these amazing titles coming this year we can of course expect some news from titles due to release next year and beyond. We can for sure expect news on the new Dragon Age which is BioWare’s next title to release, as well as Dragon Age. Some of the original Mass Effect team has come back to work on a brand new Mass Effect title, news on this would be welcomed by the huge dedicated fan bass that Bioware has accumulated during the years.

Photo credit Playground Games

More light could also be shed on the new Fable game in development, something we have seen very little of which would suggest the game is some time away from being released. Will we hear anything on Elder Scrolls VI, is Rockstar planning on making any new game announcements this year? At the moment nothing is set in stone and of course, delays should be expected in the current times we’re living in, with this in mind it’s worth noting that Hogwarts Legacy has already been pushed back to next year.

What do you think?

What games are you hoping to hear about this year? Is there a game you’re looking forward to getting your hands on and finally playing? There is certainly lots to get us talking this year and with the recent announcement of a new Indiana Jones game and ¬†Ubisoft developing an open-world Star Wars game we’re off to an incredible start.

As always I would love to hear your thoughts on what’s to come this year and if you’re wanting to do that you can find me over at our forums or you can come over to our discord.

I'm Claire (AKA thatmummarocks), a mum of two and gamer. I am a writer who runs her own website as well as writing for MHG. I also stream over on twitch, https://twitch.tv/thatmummarocks

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