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We're in the Endgame Now...

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On November 5, 2020, People Can Fly and Square Enix brought us the fourth installment of the Outriders Broadcast series. In this episode, we finally got a look into the game’s post-campaign content as well as a deeper dive into the Technomancer class.

Character Spotlight: Technomancer

A technomancer in Outriders

The broadcast started off by breaking down the Technomancer. This class is much more diverse than what I think some of us were initially anticipating. At its core, the Technomancer is a summoner and long-range support class, but it also has the only squad healing ability in the game. That said, the Technomancer also does a great job applying statuses and damage-over-time which makes it just as viable for those playing solo. Also, speaking of statuses: the Technomancer’s melee releases a freezing area of effect that will immobilize or interrupt enemies allowing for a swift getaway or a powerful frontal assault.

Like the other classes, the Technomancer has eight different abilities and the broadcast showed off five of them! The ones we had a chance to see were: Healing Wave, Pain Launcher, Blighted Turret, Cold Snap, and my favorite, Tool of Destruction. What I find so interesting about Tool of Destruction is that it’s the first ability we’ve seen with alternate effects. You can summon a mini-gun or rocket launcher based on the button press giving players two unique tools with one slotted ability.

Technomancer using pestilence in Outriders

On top of its abilities, the Technomancer has three skill tree paths that enhance some of its core playstyles. The pestilence tree focuses on maximizing your damage output. The tech Shaman tree leans into the class’ gadgets and damage-over-time abilities, while the demolisher is the all-arounder giving bonuses to applied statuses.

Gearing and Endgame

Next, they focused a good portion of the cast on weapons, gear, and modding. There are hundreds of mods in the game which can be obtained by salvaging undesirable gear. These mods can be reused on nearly anything to create the perfect amalgamation to fit your playstyle.

The Bulwark shotgun in Outriders

The last thing that was touched on was Outriders’ Endgame experience called “Expeditions”. From what it seems, expeditions appear to be similar to something like Destiny’s strikes or Borderlands 3’s takedowns. Expeditions will give you access to 16 new activities with unique locations and be the true test of your build and squad’s mettle. While the main game caps your level at 30, Expeditions will increase in difficulty up to 50 and reward you accordingly. Speaking of rewards, unlike the rest of the game where any enemy can drop you loot, expeditions will drop your rewards upon completion. With that said, we could see that there would be some sort of weekly lockout on how many times you could fail (or potentially complete) activities.

Final Thoughts

A boss in Outriders

It’s nice to finally have an idea of what will be driving us as players in Outriders. Since seeing its reveal in 2019, Outriders has been high on my list of games to play and with it coming early in 2020 with full cross-play capability, it’s primed to make a big splash in the next generation. Only time will tell how Outriders is received, but it’s one that I and many others are looking forward to.

Outriders launches on February 2, 2021, for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and PC via Steam and Epic Games. We will also see the game launch on Google Stadia later in 2021.

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