Titanfall 2 – War Games DLC Releasing Today


The next piece of content comes to Titanfall 2 later today in the form of the “War Games” DLC. With this sixth add-on comes new maps and several new features.

Two New Maps

War Games will come with two maps, the aptly titled “War Games” and smaller map called “Traffic.” War Games is a VR styled environment created in a pilot simulator pod. It contains both wide open streets for Titan fights and high-rise buildings with large windows and connecting bridges perfect for pilot vs pilot confrontations.

Titanfall 2 - War Games DLC Releasing Today

The other included map, Traffic, is a smaller map with dense cover areas made for the Live Fire Mode. Fight in a weathered test site where positioning is pitted against mobility across two

busy thoroughfares.

Titanfall 2 - War Games DLC Releasing Today

New Features

Today’s update will also add a few more features to Titanfall 2 besides the new maps. A new execution, Shadow Boxing, will now be available. To unlock, get 20 kills while Holo Pilot or Holo Pilot Nova is active. Pilots will now be able to equip another weapon, with the added third weapon slot. Press Y or Triangle to swap between primary and secondary weapons. Hold Y or triangle to swap to your anti-titan weapon. For Destiny players, these controls will already be second nature.

The new featured mode will be Free Agents. This game mode is free-for-all, but with a twist. Collect batteries scattered around the map. Once you acquire three, you can call in your titan. Pilots will drop carried batteries upon death. The previous featured mode, Titan Brawl, will now be a permanent mode in Mix Tape. The update will go live and will download automatically later today.

I personally think Titanfall 2 was one of the best first person shooters of 2016. The game continues to get better following the promise and follow-through from Respawn of continuous and free DLC, updates and patches.

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