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This Thursday, Titanfall 2 will receive it’s second free DLC update in the form of a new map, new Titans, new weapons and more!

Throwback Thursday

The “Colony Reborn” DLC will drop later this week on Thursday, March 30th as a free update and return players to the map “Colony” from the original Titanfall. According to Respawn, “This classic should be familiar to long time Titanfall fans. Set among a sleepy settler town, the dense center is filled with narrow streets, interiors and rooftops surrounded by open Titan lanes.

New Stuff to Shoot With!

Included in the DLC along with the new map will be some new toys to play with. The R-101 assault rifle will be making a comeback from the first Titanfall and will be equipped standard with an ACOG scope, although it can most likely be swapped out like with most other weapon attachments. Players can take it up close and personal with the new brutal execution, “Curb Check,” where your Pilot kicks the opponent into the air and then snatches them back down to the ground with their grappling hook. Can we say, “Get over here!!!”?

Two new Prime Titans will be purchasable from the in-game store: Northstar Prime and Legion Prime. New cosmetic items such as call signs and camo packs will also be available for purchase so you can continue to customize your Pilot and Titan to your heart’s content.

Titanfall 2: Colony Reborn DLC Northstar Prime Legion Prime

Try Titanfall 2 For Free!

Finally, Respawn announced that they will be hosting another free trial weekend. Players will have access to all multiplayer modes, including content from the most recent DLC update “Live Fire.” The “Training Gauntlet” and “The Beacon” will also be playable from the game’s award-winning single player campaign. The trial will begin the day of the update, March 30 and run until the following Monday, April 3. For more on Titanfall 2, keep it locked here on MulehornGaming.com and remember: When in doubt, BLOW IT UP!

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