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Hello everyone! My name is Und3rdog10 and we are going to do something new on our Destiny page starting today! We will be giving you a quick glance at the highlights of the “This Week at Bungie” (TWAB) and Xur’s inventory all at once! There is a lot to go over so let’s get started!

It’s the BIG SHOW

Let’s kick things off with a little bit of SMACK talk coming from The Big Show! On October 19, 2019, PS4 is getting the Bungie bounty and if you matchmake with them on stream you will get an exclusive emblem. Bungie if you read this please make one of the two things happen: 1. Please bring the iconic Big Show Choke Slam or the Showstopper as a finisher! 2. As a hunter main I want Big Show to be the next hunter Vanguard; move over Shaxx and Zavala there is a new big boy in town!

The Iron Bonanza!

Iron Banner has returned to Destiny this week and you will be able to earn double valor all weekend long up until the weekly reset! Also, this is the first time that we have seen Iron Banner offer what we know now as Pinnacle gear. This gear is a big boost in power and is also what you need to get over the big 950 hump. The road to 960 and beyond is within reach!

For whatever reason, I have really enjoyed Iron Banner these past two seasons as the flow of the game feels good and right. I know there are a few that would say that the gameplay is going to feel slow with scouts and snipers becoming more prevalent in this sandbox but out of the games, I’ve played and it’s been fast-paced and down to the wire almost every match! Get in there and get your loot!

Needed or not needed?

Let’s talk about a few major sandbox changes. In an upcoming update on October 29, 2019, there are a few tweaks coming that a lot will be happy about and a few will not be. Titans have been ruling the crucible with their bottom tree path Code of the Juggernaut for quite a while now and even Luke Smith has made jokes about it in previous articles about being killed by the same super twice.

In this update, the Striker Titans will be reigned in to be more balanced with the length of other roaming supers. The whole point of this super was that the more kills you got while in the super the longer your super became which caused a lot of players to run in fear when they heard the activation of this super. So what specifically is being tuned? They have reduced the amount of super returned per kill from 15% to 13% and also changed the cost of a light attack by 50% from 2% to 3%. You can’t hit one without the other so the Warlock super Attunement of Flame (bottom path) also saw a nerf in regards to returned super energy on kill.

I think this was needed because I cannot think of how many times I have been killed by the same super twice and sometimes three times before the super ran out. I know our titans will be sad about this but in the end, this is a great change for the PVP scene.

Take a Knee

Titans had a bug in the previous update where they were able to activate shoulder charge with the perk one-two punch causing titans to be able to become the bane of the darkness known as One knee-man! Literally anything that took a knee while this perk combo was active with the exotic leg armor Peregrine Greaves would instantly be deleted followed by the jolly laughter of a fire team. It was fun while it lasted. With the update later this month they will be removing this bug that was initially intended for the Tempest strike ability to activate shortly after a hunter stops sprinting. So until the update comes to get out there and show the darkness the best knees the light has to offer!

The Future 2.0

Bungie made a lot of great changes with Armor 2.0 and I have been loving the build crafting that I have been allowed to do with the mods I have acquired so far. The one complaint I have had about this system is the affinity system that goes with the armor and the mods. Coming next season there will be a change to this but before we get down to the details lets understand Bungie’s thinking process before passing judgment on the changes.

Goals for the armor energy system from the TWAB:

    1. Give players the freedom to experiment with builds, while also requiring players to make creative choices when putting together those builds.
    2. Give players the ability to balance mods above and beyond pure effectiveness.
    3. Relieve information overload pressure on the mod UI.

With these goals in place, Bungie wants to create a unique armor building experience that is effective and easy to manipulate without information overload. I think initially they have succeeded in this regard but what are the changes? Starting next season we will see more broad ammo finder/scavenger mods that are not affiliated with specific types of armor (Arc, Solar, Void). Their goal for this is to allow the player to round out their builds more effectively with the mods that they want to use.

Another change that is coming is mod stacking restrictions are being loosened starting next season. What this means is that you will be able to stack similar mods to increase the benefit of that mod. However, as stated in the TWAB, it’s not going to be exactly two times the benefit. They used an example of stacking double Hand Cannon Loader mods which would only benefit you at 1.5x. This actually puts you at the same reload speed as an Enhanced Hand Cannon mod would. I am excited to see how this pans out next season as it gives us more power to play the way we want.

Xur has Returned!

Xur is back with a brand new edition of exotics! This week he is located on Nessus in Watcher’s Grave. His weapon cost is 29 Legendary Shards and his Armor is 23 Legendary Shards. Also, if you are chasing an exotic that he doesn’t have you can purchase his Fated Engram for 97 Legendary Shards. Here is a quick preview of what he has this week!

Weapon: Telesto Exotic Fusion Rifle

This Exotic Fusion Rifle is an underused exotic in the realm of PVE. The void detonation is really strong especially with fusions being in a good place right now in the current meta. A few people still use this exotic in the crucible and for good reason, it is still as strong as ever. I would recommend picking this up if you are new to Destiny or if you don’t have it in your collection.

Titan Armor: Dunemarchers

This exotic leg armor has the exotic perk Linear Actuators which grants faster sprinting and chain melee damage. The total stat roll is 50 with high Mobility and high Strength.

Warlock Armor: Transverse Steps

This exotic leg armor has the exotic perk Strange Protractor which buffs sprint speed and while sprinting it reloads the current weapon’s ammo. The total stat roll is 48 with high Mobility and high Intellect.

Hunter Armor: Shards of Galanor

These exotic Gauntlets have the exotic perk Sharp Edges which grants you super energy back for Blade Barrage hits and kills. The total stat roll is 48 with high Resilience and high Intellect.

Wrapping Up

If you want to read the full article of this week at Bungie click here! Next week we begin the hunt for Levianthan’s Breath! Catch us next week for a full breakdown of the heavy bow and the next TWAB!  I hope to catch you in the banner before the weekend is over!  Thanks for reading and remember when in doubt…BLOW IT UP!!!


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