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Welcome back, Guardians. This weekend in Destiny is returning to the MHG page! In this article I hope to cover the weekly  Destiny 2 highlights, Trials Map/Gear awarded, and Xur weapons/Armor. This one is going to be filled to the brim with content so let’s do this!  

Exotic Shift 

I want to talk about the shift in exotics during Season of Arrivals vs every other seasonal exotic since the start of Shadowkeep last fall. Season of Arrivals has given us two exotics thus far in Witherhoard and Ruinus Effigy that have exceeded my expectations for seasonal exotics. Why is that? These exotics feel exotic! They change the way that you play the game which in my opinion should be what an exotic is supposed to do. Let’s look at these exotics a little more in-depth.

Ruinous Effigy

Ruinous Effigy allows players to create Transmutation spheres to use against their enemies. Killing an enemy turns them into an orb you can then use against them. You can simply smack them with it or my personal favorite slam dunk the orb on top of them! And best of all the orbs don’t use up your special ammo! There is also a drain/block mechanic as well to where you can shield yourself and kill anything else around you in a bubble. This exotic is a lot of fun to use and is more useful than what you might think! Go complete the exotic quest and have a ball!



Witherhoard is the seasonal exotic that is included in the season pass and it is a very unique weapon. You can shoot out blights that create an area of effect on the ground that will cause damage over time to any enemies in its area. If you shoot a target directly it will also deal damage over time and if the damage kills the enemy then a blight will drop that will then damage others standing near it. Super fun exotic to use and it changes the way that you control the battlefield in a way unlike any exotic we have ever had before this season.

If we compare these two exotics to the other seasons’ exotics for this year they would be stacking up against the following:  

Season of Undying: Eriana’s Vow, Monte Carlo, Leviathan’s Breath 

Season of the Dawn Symmetry, Devil’s Ruin, Bastion

Season of the Worthy Tommy’s Matchbook, Heir Apparent, Fourth Horseman

In my opinion, the only one on the list above that feels exotic like Season of Arrival does would be Heir Apparent because of the shield that it gives as an exotic perk allowing you to tank some damage while doing damage. These exotics are not “bad”, however, they do not have the same uniqueness about them as what we have in this current season. What do you think? Do any of these exotics feel exotic or unique to you?  I would be interested to know! 

Xur has the LOOT!

Xur has been changed this season allowing him to have random rolls on stats giving guardians a reason to visit him again which is a welcomed change! Let’s see what he has this week!

For the week of 7/10/20, Xur is on the Golden Barrage on Nessus in Watchers Grave

For the weapon this week we have Black Talon with the exotic perk Crow’s Wings: Fire a heavy projectile attack that is stronger with full energy. Attacks will also partially bypass shields. This weapon has seen a lot of play as of late thanks to the change that swords got in how their energy works. Definitely a fun weapon to use in Crucible and Gambit. If you don’t have it I highly suggest to pick it up

Next for the hunter, we have Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves with a total stat roll of 63 and high stat roll in Discipline (22). The exotic perk on these gauntlets is called Spring Loaded Mounting. This perk increases ready and reload speed for sidearms and will also increase damage for sidearms if you are critically wounded and swap to a sidearm. I personally do not like this exotic as by the time the perk activates I am usually dead before I can get a shot off. If you need them for collecting this is a good roll but otherwise, I would pass this week on these.

For the Titan, we have the Dunemarchers at a base roll of 61 with high Resilience (19) and Strength (14). The exotic perk on this armor piece is pretty amazing. It will increase sprint speed and while sprinting you will build up a static charge that will chain to other enemies after striking a target with your melee ability. The reach on this exotic is insane and with a good roll like this, I would definitely think about picking it up this weekend.

Finally, for the Warlocks, we have the Claws of Ahamkara with the exotic perk The Whispers which grants an additional melee charge. The total roll on these gauntlets is 62 with high stat rolls in Recovery (17) and Strength (15). The high recovery has me intrigued on these gauntlets as you could push that even further with a recovery mod. I think this stat roll warrants a try in your build if you don’t already have something better in your arsenal. 

Loot of Trials 

In trials this week the map is Convergence. Personally not one of my favorite PVP maps but it can be interesting. For loot we have the following:

3 wins- Tomorrow’s Answer Rocket launcher 

5 Wins-  Astral Horizon Shotgun

7 Wins- The Summoner Auto Rifle 

Towards the Light

Guardians I hope you have fun in whatever you get up to in the world of Destiny! If you are looking to join a clan MHG is the clan for you! We love the entire world of Destiny and would love to have you join our ranks. You can also check us out on Twitch! Stay safe guardians I hope to see you out in the field as we prepare for evacuation from the Darkness! There’s no need to fear  Und3rdog10 is here! 


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