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Welcome, back Guardians! This is another edition of This Weekend in Destiny (TWID) where we take the TWAB and break down the biggest storylines that come from it. Also looking for Xur? We have you covered there as well. Change is on the horizon as a new dawn approaches in Destiny 2! Let’s get to it!

The Dawn of a New Sandbox

This week, we got our first look into the new patch notes coming in Season of Dawn and they came with the big guns for this first preview. Two meta items are going to have a rework coming in the new sandbox that will undoubtedly raise cheers and boos from all sides of the community depending on where you stand. Let’s start with The Recluse. Here is what the Dev team had to say about the widely used SMG.

What does this mean? It means that the precision damage that was applied as body damage while Master of Arms was active will no longer be in play. This means that in order to have the same time to kill (TTK) as before you will actually have to hit your target in the head to apply the correct precision values. In our community, we are pretty split on whether or not this weapon needed to be tuned. I believe that out of all the things they could have done to this weapon this was the best possible outcome without completely devaluing the weapon as a whole. I am looking forward to seeing how this change affects how this gun is used in PVP and PVE.

The second major change coming in the next season is the change to the Titan Exotic One-Eyed Mask. FINALLY!!! The change to this exotic will completely change how this weapon operates within the entire game. Let’s see what the devs said about the pirate exotic:

This is huge. By removing the over shield the exotic no longer will make you run in fear after your friend gets mowed down by a Titan in PVP. The closest thing I can relate this exotic to now after the change will be a better version of the Wormhusk Crown exotic helmet for the Hunter which has a similar style after the patch. I cannot lie, I am super excited about how this change will affect the Crucible. 

The last change that we are going to mention here is one that should have happened from the time this exotic was released and that is the Xenophage exotic Machine Gun. The devs had this to say about the changes coming.

I am interested in seeing how this exotic will perform after the buff coming next season. The exotic is underwhelming right now, to say the least. The weapon lacks a ton of power behind each bullet. When I see this gun I imagine it firing a huge explosive slug that explodes on impact doing a lot of damage but instead I see the old hefty trash bag commercial where they say “wimpy, wimpy, wimpy”. Thankfully this gun is getting the buff it needs for the time being and only time will tell if this gun will be a viable option for the future content.

The Festival is Coming to a Close

Festival of the Lost is going to end next Tuesday at 11/19/19. That means that the clock is ticking for you to clear some waves of the Haunted Forest and earn candy and Chocolate Strange Coins. I would say this year’s festival has been a great experience for the world of Destiny. From the actual playable content to the decorations in the tower it is nice to see them put time into these holiday events and make them fun and enjoyable.

I am Inevitable…We are Guardians!

Starting next week, we will see the end of the season of the Undying begin to unfold over the last month with the Final Assault coming next week and if they hold true to their word whatever happens when we finally knock down that Undying Mind for the final time the world will react and the consequences of our actions take place.

I could totally see this taking us the remainder of the season to find a way to put down the Vex mind once and for all. What happens next? I am going to take a wild shot in the dark here and say that we are going to have to get Rasputin involved at some point in the Season of Dawn to either strengthen our defenses for the coming darkness or prevent the Vex from taking him over.  

Check out Xur’s Wares

This week Xur is located on IO in his cave on Giant’s Scar. You can get Xur’s armor offerings for 23 Legendary Shards and the weekly weapon for 29 Legendary Shards. If you haven’t completed your exotic collections before Shadowkeep, you can purchase a Fated Engram for 97 Legendary Shards or just hope to get a good roll on an upgraded 2.0 exotic from Year 1 or 2. Let’s take a look at his inventory. 

Weapon: Prometheus Lens – The exotic perk on this weapon is Prismatic Inferno, which as this weapon is fired the aura of the damage field grows in size allowing it to do consistent damage over a wide margin until clip runs out. This weapon is a really fun weapon to use as kills reload the weapon and who doesn’t want to have fun shooting things with a laser beam???

Titan: Mask of the Quiet One – the exotic perk is called Dreaded Visage which grants ability energy when damaged and when critically wounded it will restore maximum health on kill. Its total score is a low 48 with high strength and recovery. 

Warlock: Skull of Dire Ahamkara – the exotic perk is Actual Grandeur and when you get kills with your Nova Bomb it will grant super energy back to your bar. The total score on this exotic is 50 with very high discipline and moderate mobility/recovery. 

Hunter: Ophidia Spathe – the exotic perk is Scissor Fingers which grants you two throwing knives per charge. The total score on this piece is again a low 49 with High strength and mobility. 

We know Destiny is best played with friends, so if you’re looking for an active group for raids, PvP or other challenging activities, consider joining The Mules of War. 

Keep joining us weekly for our TWAB highlights and Xur Inventory Breakdown. Until next week, Guardians…when in doubt, BLOW IT UP!


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