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The Waylanders is an upcoming RPG that Mulehorn Gaming was given early access to by the developers at Gato Studio. I’ve played a bit of the game and think that this title has an opportunity to garner a decent player base. There’s opportunity for character creation, character race and class, and specialized combat – three pieces that warm any RPG fan’s heart.

Early Gameplay

In my first experience, I spent a lot of time exploring the classes and races made available to select from. There is a lot of thought and creativity put into this part of the game, adding to the immersion. There are plenty of classes and races to choose from, based on preferred play style. I went with a ranger, but sorcerers, healers, attackers, rogues and tanks are also options. Combine that with some awesome races to choose from and a pretty individualized character can be created.

The game also introduces players to their party fairly quickly. It’s made up of an array of character types, both in class and in race. It’s another good way to get associated with the type of characters in the game and what to expect in future interactions. Getting to know team members early on allows for players to feel ready to take on the combat, which awaits them also fairly early. After about thirty minutes of game play, I was ready to begin exploring the world.

Stay Connected

For those who enjoy RPG elements such as customization, combat, and character development, this is a game to watch as it continues in Early Access and in development. There are a lot of wow factors here, and they’re already standing out within only about 30 minutes of game play. Be sure to be on the lookout for more entries into my Let’s Play, as well as information provided by Gato Studios about development, patches, and the full game release. The game itself has its own Twitter account, which also provides up to date information on the game’s status.

Be sure to let MHG know if you dive into The Waylanders and what you think. Be sure to BLOW IT UP! and most importantly, stay Rad!

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