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Disney + released a new Mandalorian trailer, and it lived up to the hyped.

One notable thing from the trailer is the fact that the imperial officer calls him a Mandalorian.  There was some speculation that the lead character was not an actual Mandalorian. This one line where the officer is talking about the plight of the Mandalorian past, and then calling him a Mandalorian seems to have put that theory to rest. We also get to see beskar armor in action as we see two shots that get deflect off his should plates.

Another thing I noticed in the trailer was the B2 battle droid from the Clone Wars era. This will be interesting if they tie in some past Star Wars lore and history in this series. There was also some talk about a major Star Wars “spoiler” in the first episode. I can only imagine it is going to fill in the gap on some details from past Star Wars history since this is set between episode 6 and before the First Order is set up. I, for one, can’t wait for the first episode.

The first episode of The Mandalorian is set to release on November 12th only on Disney +.

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