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As I sit back and grow older as a gamer it is truly amazing to see what it was and where it is going. There is such an interesting future ahead of us as gamers. I sometimes think, “Am I getting to old for gaming?” then I realize I’m still a young pup in the industry. The age range of gamers I have encountered in my gaming experiences is so diversified.  From the 18 year old who doesn’t know what Duck Hunt is to the seasoned 50 plus year old who can still hold his own in pvp games. What’s even more interesting is that statistics show that the average age of a gamer is 34 years old, which puts me right at the average.

Just a few years ago all gamers where considered fat kids who lived in their mom’s basement. But gaming has grown into a BIG business covering a large group of age groups. In fact it has grown into a multi billion dollar business, and the person that use to be looked at as a nerd gaming in the basement is now equal to rock start level of stardom with the rise of Esports. Just look at some of these stats.


Info and picture provide by this website.

There is more and more research coming out pointing to growth. Take a look at this global gaming market statistic.



Just look at that! Isn’t that crazy!? The word billion is…..just amazing. I almost get this feeling that gaming could become the new Olympics? It could literally bring cultures, countries, and people together.

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  1. Dang! I’m average, albeit on the top end. Then again I did cut my teeth on Pong. Good article Mule.

    • Thanks Gravy! It makes me feel better lol!


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