The First-Person Perspective Episode 3


Welcome to the third episode of the First-Person Perspective! In this on-going series, we will take a snapshot of what going on in the world of First-person games. This week we will look at ways to deal with the quarantine, with free, low priced, or already paid for services.

Xbox Game Pass & Game Pass Ultimate

For those of you who don’t know Microsoft offers 3 similar services that offer a ton of free games at a low monthly cost. Xbox Gamepass or Xbox Gamepass PC both offer over 100 games for $9.99 a month on either the Xbox One or PC respectively. Gamepass Ultimate combines not only both versions of Gamepass but also includes Xbox Live for only $15 a month. Many of us already take advantage of these services. For those who haven’t, the console does offer sales to switch over your normal Xbox Live to GPU.

Standout First-Person games available

Wolfenstein: Youngblood (XB/PC)

Halo: The Master Chief Collection (XB/PC)

Sea of Thieves (XB/PC)

Doom 2016 (XB)

The Outer Worlds (XB/PC)

Free Games

In case you have not been aware there are a ton of free games available on multiple platforms. Some of these games may offer micro-transactions, but most are just for cosmetics. Which means you can enjoy the game truly free. These games can provide hours of fun.

Standout Free First-Person games available

Call of Duty: Warzone (XB/PS4/PC)

Apex Legends (XB/PS4/PC)

World of Tanks (XB/PS4/PC)

World of Warships (XB/PS4/PC)

Destiny 2: New Light (XB/PS4/PC)

Low Priced Games

If you put a little work in there are many places to find discounted games. This rings especially true for the PC users out there. Places like Humble Bundle, Fanatical, and Indie Gala offer bundles of games for as little as $1. We are not talking AAA all the time, but they do come up. Many platforms are offering deep discounts in their stores as well right now. This includes the Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, and Steam. The games are varied and not just FPS (if that’s your thing lol).

In the end, just remember to practice social distancing and enjoy some games. Be safe, be well and remember we will all get through this. Till next time if you want more up to date news and information follow us on Twitter or hit us up on Discord. As always be sure to hit up the main page for more great content.

I am a game designer and 3D modeler that graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Former pro gamer. Now I stream games and write. I am also a veteran of the U.S. Army and father of 3.

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