The Complete Star Wars Saga: Celebrated on Disney+

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At long last, the saga is complete

With patience, we have waited. Some with less, and some with more patience than others. Now, it is happening, the entire Star Wars Saga will be able to be streamed from a single platform starting on May 4th, colloquially known as Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you). You guessed it, Disney+ will be featuring the collection along with fan favorites such as the Mandalorian and the ongoing final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Not only will the Rise of Skywalker be added to Disney+, but we will be privy to what I am sure will be the climactic season finale of the Clone Wars. Please know that if you are not watching this season, then you are missing out. It has been spectacular. My brother and friends have even been calling me asking if I have seen the latest episode, similar to the days when Game of Thrones was airing. I believe that speaks to the quality of the show.

The curtain is lifted

But wait, there’s more! An eight-episode documentary series titled Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian will also launch on Star Wars Day. This docuseries will showcase Jon Favreau’s commentary on the project, director commentary on their involvement, and appearances from actors such as Pedro Pascal and Gina Carano. The documentary is set to take describe what it is like to be involved in aI story and honor George Lucas’ Legacy.

Disney+ will be rolling out the red carpet for the event. I am so stoked for this. Disney+ will honor the artistry of Star Wars by hosting a week-long concept art take over of the platform. Original concept paintings will be used for each film and series. These will be updated on May 4th and will showcase the artwork of the likes of legends Ralph McQuarrie and Doug Chiang.

Josh is a husband and a father to a family that loves to game together. He first experienced video games on the SNES. He is a strong believer that video games are best enjoyed with good company and a strong brew of coffee.

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