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Genesis kids, rejoice! Sonic the Hedgehog has returned, and is better than ever! Sonic Mania recently took Sonic back into his “glory days” of the 90s, and wow, did they invoke that nostalgia. Throughout the years, Sonic has had his highs and lows. But, trust me, you will want to jump into this game and enjoy the evolution of the Sega mascot.

Sonic Mania's artwork is inspired from Sonic CD.

The classic trio of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles look amazing in this Sonic CD inspired artwork!

Only The Classics, Please

Most people can agree that the Sonic family has grown a lot. Maybe too much. But, don’t worry. Only the originals are allowed here. In Sonic Mania, you can play as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles. The three characters are similar in most areas, but each has their own special moves that you can use to  traverse the levels. Sonic has a new spin move. Simply holding the jump button while in the air will allow Sonic to land and keep spin dashing, because, you know, he’s gotta go fast. Tails brings his flying ability back, and Knuckles does the same with his gliding ability. Each character has been playable in some of the previous Genesis games, and they feel just as good as they did back then. Just pick your favorite character and jump in!

Speaking of style, this game is full of it. The classic 16-bit style really stands out at 60 FPS, and each level oozes with individuality. Remixes of classic levels, such as Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant Zone, will give old players the nostalgic feel that they want. But, the creators did a great job evolving the levels just as much as the characters. Classic mini-games from previous games return in some form, as well as a new way to obtain the Chaos Emeralds. Again, more evolving of a classic formula that feels perfect in this game.

Sonic Mania's Main Menu

Just a glimpse of the Main Menu

So Much Content…

When it comes to secrets, this game is full of them. You can earn coins to unlock more hidden menus. I don’t want to spoil anything here, so I will just tell you that there are some really cool things that you can unlock with these coins. Also, earning these coins isn’t too difficult. The classic mini-games give out silver and gold coins. As long as you finish the mini-game, then you will earn a coin. There are 32 in total, so try and collect them all!

Three modes exist in the game. Mania Mode, which is the main story mode. The secrets unlocked can be used in a non-savable selection in Mania Mode. You’ll probably spend most of your time in this mode. There is also a Time Attack Mode, where you can try and be the fastest hedgehog/fox/echidna alive. Compete against your own time, as well as others, in this mode. And, finally, Competitive Mode returns. My only complaint is that this mode isn’t online, but only for local multiplayer. Still, competing on the couch sounds like a lot of fun. Dibs on Sonic!

Sonic Mania Brought me Back to the 90’s

So, if you can’t tell, I have had a blast playing through this game. I never owned a Sega Genesis growing up, but my cousin did. Every Sunday, I had a chance to sit down to play Sonic the Hedgehog, and he quickly became one of my favorite characters. I remember watching the TV shows, dressing up as Sonic for Halloween, and wishing that I had Sega Genesis to play those cool games. From start to the finish, Sonic Mania turned me into a kid again. And that, in my opinion, is one of the highest praises that you can give a video game. So, I’m going to jump back onto some Sonic. Just gotta grab a chili dog first!

Sonic Mania impression list.

My final impressions of Sonic Mania. So much good to say, and only one small complaint.

What are your thoughts on Sonic Mania? Have you had the same experience that I’ve had? If so, then let me know on Twitter, or in the comments below. I’ve started using Mixer more, and would love for you to drop by my channel. Who knows, I may be streaming some Sonic Mania! Or maybe you are wanting something different, like Destiny Lore. Check out this article for some cool Destiny 2 stuff. Until next time, see ya!


Weston, aka Houndstooth, has been a gamer since he played the NES at two years old. He is now married to his best friend who is not only a great wife but an avid gamer as well. He loves all games and will keep playing until it isn't fun anymore.

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  1. Was looking at that game this weekend and both of my boys perked up when they saw the trailers!


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