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This Valentine’s weekend most couples would be going to dinners, flowers, chocolates, and all that other lovey-dovey stuff. My wife and I? We spent a romantic weekend building 3D D&D environments. Don’t worry, it was totally worth it!

Strong Foundations

If you haven’t seen or heard of Terraino yet you need to check it out. This is a really cool addition to your slew of maps and minis in your campaigns. I was very apprehensive at first as this is very different from what I am used to, but in no time I was reliving all those old memories of my childhood filled with LEGO castles and knights. There is a STEEP learning curve, however, GameGearMaster gives tons of YouTube videos filled with tips and tons of instruction.

The hardest part is the most important part of the whole system. The Grid. If you mess up with the construction of your 20×20 Grid Tile nothing will fit properly. If you decide to take the leap with this system do yourself a favor and watch this. This video would have saved us about an hour and a half of construction. I do wish it was the first one in the playlist linked in the instructions. Measuring twice and cutting once is paramount here. You HAVE to make sure the tools you build are PERFECT before proceeding here as everything revolves around these grid tiles.

Great Fun

Even with the initial misstep, we had lots of fun building, painting and gluing all weekend long. We had some Critical Roleplaying in the background while we designed the first few dungeons for our upcoming Campaign. Once you get the hang of the system the time spent on it reduces greatly. We went from 2-3 hours on a 20 x 20 Grid Tile to about an hour and a half. There is a flow you find and everything becomes inherently easier. I can’t wait to start adding lights and such to really bring the entire thing to life. Don’t worry, there are videos and instructions about how to add small LED lights into the pieces. I am actually overwhelmed by the value of what you get for a small investment. We got 3 full manuals filled with templates and instructions reinforced with tons of videos. What I love the most about this system is it really never ends. GameGearMaster is already working on another module which I will happily throw money at as soon as it comes out.

Low Cost

The bundle we bought was the full bundle priced at around $35. This was a massive discount and really worth it. This sale has ended and the price has increased slightly, but it is still affordable.  Most of the tools we needed we already had so it wasn’t a huge expense getting our feet wet with this system. Included is a list of materials you will need, most of which you can pick up at the Dollar Store or Walmart. The only exception is the Titebond PVA glue. I could not find that locally so, for the time being, I substituted Gorilla Wood Glue, which had good reviews in the Terraino discord. (Also a handy place to find some help). All in all, for the materials we spent $20. For the entire purchase, materials and the bundle, we spend $55. Yes, we have to do all the work on our own hands, but that’s part of the fun! With proper instruction, my kids can help construct the pieces and we can make this a fun family hobby.

Would you buy it again?

Hands down? Absolutely! I was not all that upset that we messed up our first Grid Tile as it did not take long to fix up another one. In one of the videos, GameGearMaster hinted at the possibility of selling the grid squares needed for the tiles by the pound. I would LOVE this. The squares are probably the most time consuming (you need 144 for the 20×20 board). You will make several Grid Tiles for all your buildings and such, so the squares are a valuable commodity.

I would like to see the playlist linked in the manuals adjusted a bit with as much information on the grid tiles played first. The first video in the playlist is glossed over very quickly and will leave you scratching your head. After you watch the first video please watch the one linked above to help remove any questions about the tiles. Other than that I think this is well worthwhile and can’t wait to dedicate more time constructing entire towns for our characters to play in. Did you give it a try? Tweet us @mulehorngaming and @ldycalluna your pictures and comments on the system. As always check out our discord and Happy Gaming!

*One additional note: I reached out to Jake at GameGearMaster to request permission for these images, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly he got back to me. I have to give extra kudos to him for not only being the creator of Terraino, but for being incredibly accessible if any questions or issues arrive.

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