I don’t think anyone was expecting to see Wolverine getting a solo game by Insomniac Games, but here we are! The studio has proven itself as excellent superhero storytellers, and Sony just released a teaser of Wolverine. I am not sure that I can get any more hyped for superhero games right now!

DC returns with another milestone issue with the 750th issue of The Flash. The newest Ninja Turtle Jennika gets her first solo series. It’s berserker time as Wolverine leads the Dawn of X phase 2 titles!

Metal Swap: Adamantium vs Vibranium

Captain America and Wolverine – two of the most popular characters in all of the Marvel Universe. Each has their own innate gifts augmented by modern weaponry. Cap is a super soldier with a vibranium shield and Wolverine possesses quick healing augmented with an adamantium skeleton. But, what’s in a metal? Have you ever wondered what it would be like if they were switched? Before we get too far in...

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