The release of one of the most anticipated updates and new operations has finally hit the PS4 today and it brought a lot more than expected to the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 playing field.

EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 has come out with another free update. With this update, which dropped today, we get a new villain: General Grievous.

Put away your Graviton Lance, there’s a new meta coming to town.

With No Man’s Sky coming to Xbox, the official Xbox Youtube Page gives us 11 changes made since launch. Watch the view for more information.

Players… start your carts! Race across the map and pull off gnarly stunts with Shopping Carts, now available in Battle Royale.

Game Director Christopher Barrett and the Destiny Dev Team released the long-awaited Destiny 2 Development Update which provides the community with information on where Bungie will take the franchise over the next year. The update was comprehensive, transparent, contained a number of exciting new features, and acknowledges the issues with Eververse. While many things still need to be described in ...

Warner Brothers, the publisher for Middle Earth: Shadow of War, announced the release dates of their paid and free DLC. As previously mentioned, there are four pieces of paid DLC coming in the next few months, bringing new orc tribes and story missions into the game. Let’s take a look at the Shadow of War DLC announcement!

It’s been another exciting week in gaming and we’ve got your Nintendo related news right here in your weekly Ninten-News 10-23-17 newsletter.

Doom, arguably one of the best games of last year, is having a Free Play Weekend on Xbox One begining July 20th!  This is awesome, but that's not all!  Big changes are also coming to Doom with update 6.66 and the game is on sale digitally for $15.00 USD!

The next piece of content comes to Titanfall 2 later today in the form of the “War Games” DLC. With this sixth add-on comes new maps and several new features.

Bioware is continuing the support for their recently released game, Mass Effect Andromeda with a new patch. The patch is looking at some of the shortcomings in the multiplayer and also giving more to the Deluxe or Super Deluxe Edition owners.

Mass Effect Andromeda has been released for two weeks now for the masses. Fans filled with glee jumped into the newest Mass Effect adaptation following the highly successful trilogy of Commander Shepard. Aaryn Flynn, General Manager for BioWare addressed it fans with some much need fixes from fan feedback.

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