(Best read as David Attenborough) Here we get to experience the ancient Hominid in its natural environment, the heart of Africa. They have many natural predators from snakes to wild boars.  Every plant surrounding them could be their end. Whether they survive or not depends on you.

Below is rogue-like, survival, dungeon crawler by Capybara Games, the creative team behind Super Time Force.  You play as a lone adventurer delving deep into the depths of The Isle’s procedurally generated maze of caverns.

Vigor is a new survival game being developed by Bohemia Interactive, the creative minds behind Arma 3 and Day Z.  Set in an alternate post nuclear war history, you fight for survival in the relatively untouched wilderness of 1991 Norway.

Have you ever wished you could play both a Tower Defense and Twin Stick Shooter game at the same time?  Well, look no further than X-Morph : Defense by EXOR Studios available now of PC, Xbox and PS4.

While at PAX South this year, we ran into many developers and a fantastic line-up of great games. The social aspects of gaming seem to be of particular importance to developers (and gamers!) and it shows in the games being produced right now. One shining example of engaging social gameplay comes in the form of Rend, a new title that executes faction-based multiplayer alongside PvE and base-buildin...

Imagine, if you will, the surface of Mars a century into the future. You are a clone created for the dangerous task of mining precious ores from the red planet. But then, in a flash of light, everything changes. You’re seemingly alone, the robotic sentinels once there to protect you have now become your enemy. Your own survival has become a tentative state. Welcome to Memories of Mars.

The Culling is a survival game, but unlike other games in this genre, The Culling focuses on Battle Royal. You are pit into a map with 15 other players and have 20 minutes to explore, scavenge items, craft weapons, build traps and start hunting each other. Only the 1 will survive!

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