Twitch streamers are taking a stand against the streaming giant after recent hate raids. #TwitchDoBetter was trending on Twitter. On September 1st a number of streamers plan to protest against Twitch for them to do more about the hate raids and speech towards several streamers on the platform. The protest was organized by streamers Rek It Raven, LuciaEverBlack, and Shineypen under the hashtag #ADa...

MHG Podcast Network Check out all our podcast like our Star Wars Podcast The Bendu Podcast, Halo Infinite Podcast and more in the future! The Bendu Podcast – Hello Padawan learners, Jedi Knights, and lore legends! This is the one stop Star Wars podcast you are looking for.   Mule joins N64Josh as a co-host for the Halo Infinite Podcast!

At 9 am Eastern the morning of August 5, 2020, Ninja went live on Twitch. It’s been just over a year since the live streaming superstar made the move from Twitch to Mixer, but now he’s back again.

During the latest Analog Assault Podcast we discussing the closing of Mixer and what that would mean for Ninja and Shroud. The mules discuss where they think Ninja and Shroud will go while discussing Gothalion’s move to Facebook gaming.

This afternoon at approximately 2:30pm Eastern, Mixer announced that the platform is ceasing operations and is transitioning to being part of FacebookGaming. Mixer’s transition to FacebookGaming is full of a lot of unknowns and sadness for those dedicated to the site. This came as a shock to the streaming industry across all platforms, coming after a weekend already aflame with a roller coas...

We watched the live stream of the Destiny 2 reveal and the future road map. Watch is Mule had his live reactions. — Watch live at

Competition breeds innovation. Microsoft vs PlayStation. Google Stadia vs xCloud. Twitch vs Mixer, and so many more battles we could throw around in this article. It is without a doubt that we need competition in the gaming area. It brings out the best in our technology, in our experiences as gamers, and much more. Look at what video games developers have done for Hollywood. The wildly popular The...

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