As a child did you ever have nightmares about monsters coming for you in your room? Well, now you can fight back in the upcoming indie game, Sleep Tight from We Are Fuzzy Studios.  Build pillow forts and upgrade your dart guns in this top-down, twin-stick survival shooter with a Pixar-like feel to the visuals and story.

In Seasons After Fall, you play as a cunning fox possessed by a spiritual seed of nature. Commanded by a disembodied voice, you’ll traverse stunning, hand-painted landscapes to gather and wield the powers of the seasons.

At first glance, it’s easy to draw comparisons between the Disc Jam beta and Rocket League, but for me Disc Jam distinguishes itself as an excellent couch co-op arcade experience

Recently, we had the chance to visit with the CEO of Angry Mob Games and play Brawlout at PAX South 2017. Our guys had a blast, and you can check out the interview here! Now, we have a special treat for those of you anxiously awaiting the game. That’s right, a giveaway!

Watching Nefarious for the first time brought back all of the feelings from the 8/16 bit era (think Mega Man meets Earthworm Jim). The game is an action platformer where you play the final boss and travel to different kingdoms kidnapping the princesses. Your goal: To fight off the heroes and keep the princesses in your grasp.

Fans of Minecraft’s survival mode will be pleasantly surprised with Astroneer’s focus on exploring and searching for technology and riches on an unknown planet. This week I downloaded the title by Seattle’s System Era Softworks on Xbox One, and launched into the unknown.

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