Introducing Battlemode, for Doom Eternal. This is an asymmetrical multiplayer mode that pits one “fully loaded” slayer, against two demons in a battle of “strategy vs. skill.” The mode is fast-paced and frantic just the way Doom fans love it.

CARRION is a reverse horror game by Devolver Digital. In this game you assume the role of an amorphous creature of unknown origins, stalking and consuming those that imprisoned you.

You are adrift in the Sargasso Nebula, no idea how many have gone before you.  With limited food, fuel and ammunition you will need to move from one derelict hulk to another, looking for the supplies needed to repair the Void Ark and escape to safety.  It’s not going to be easy, you will have to face monstrous creatures, robotic killing machines and the ever present vacuum of space.  Welcome...

Nairi: The Tower of Shinrin is a surprisingly thoughtful and clever game that utilizes complex and creative puzzles to continue a deep and lively plot.

We have the pleasure to meet Maxx and Banks, founders, while at Pax South this year to talk about Sleep Tight. The game is now out on Steam and the Nintendo Switch! This game is very fun and worth picking up! Check out some of the sweet gameplay here!

It’s not every day you get to sit down with a game developer, see them shape an upcoming genre, and build something for experts and casuals alike. But, LuGus seems to be managing just that with their upcoming game, Liftoff, a drone racing flight-sim that offers a wide variety of game modes. We had the pleasure of talking to Co-founders Kevin Haelterman and Tom Lissens at Gamescom 2018.

On today’s Inside Xbox stage, developer System Era announced that their space survival sandbox game, Astroneer, would be leaving Game Preview for full release in December 2018.  They mentioned that their roll out of dedicated servers will enable them to increase the player count and enable cross platform play for all who have purchased the game including Xbox, Windows Store and Steam.

I first spotted City of Brass at PAX East, it caught my attention pretty quickly when the person playing cracked the whip for the first time. I had flashbacks from games like Castlevania and I was super intrigued. I was given a key to review the game, but it appeared to have only been the early access demo, which still held quite a bit of content. I was updated with a code that granted me access t...

Light Fall, by Bishop Games, is a fast-paced platforming adventure about a young boy and his magical toy box. Light Fall hits Steam and the Nintendo Switch today, April 26th 2018. After getting the chance to check out the game on Steam, here are my thoughts on Light Fall.

What I love about the independent developer scene is stumbling across some really great games. One of those is The Forbidden Arts. This action adventure platformer is filled with deep lore, exploration, and you never know what you might discover.

In the future, where people crowd into stadiums to watch supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered cars play soccer, and where eSports have conquered the world – an exciting new arena sport makes its debut. Welcome to Laser League, a fast-paced, action packed, 2v2 top down action game where the environment is constantly changing and trying to kill you.

Imagine, if you will, the surface of Mars a century into the future. You are a clone created for the dangerous task of mining precious ores from the red planet. But then, in a flash of light, everything changes. You’re seemingly alone, the robotic sentinels once there to protect you have now become your enemy. Your own survival has become a tentative state. Welcome to Memories of Mars.

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