Solar Purge

Closer Look at Solar Purge

Take a look this awesome indie game called Solar Purge. Mule jumped into the game with some of the developers and gives us a first look. Blow away everything in your path in this 4 player co-op, sci-fi, twin-stick shooter! Explore huge worlds, level up your characters, defeat giant bosses, and discover the mystery of Nova Genesis! Follow Solar Purge on Twitter: Join ...

In this video, we show off some gameplay from indie game Solar Purge. This is a closed alpha but you still might have a chance to snag a code to play, just jump in the Solar Purge Discord. It is PC only right now. Join the Solar Purge Discord: Add them to your Steam wishlist:  

New Solar Purge Gameplay

One of our favorite independent studios has been hard at work with their game called Solar Purge. Hitscan Games recently published a few new videos showcasing their diablo style sci-fi shooter. You may have noticed, if you played the very early Alpha, there has been a lot of changes. Including new abilities, new UI, dodge ability, and improved visuals. Take a look at some of the new gameplay below...

The Mules invade Pax South again this year. Take a look at some sweet gameplay of the new indie game coming out soon. Solar Purge!

The Mules invade Pax South again this year. We interviewed the Lead Developer and Co-Found of a twin-stick, top-down shooter Solar Purge. Coming soon in 2019.

Top Down Sci Fi Action – Solar Purge

Have you ever dreamed of playing a game like Diablo but set in a sci-fi theme? Welcome to the world of Nova Genesis and the game Solar Purge.

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