Oh console wars, why are you still a thing? It’s Team Xbox vs Team PlayStation… again <sigh>. Why do we keep debating this topic? The answer to this debate is so easy that at this point I really can’t help but wonder if maybe we just enjoy a good fight.

It’s been another exciting week in gaming and we’ve got your Nintendo related news right here in your weekly Ninten-News 10-2-17 newsletter.

Nintendo has been out of the eyes of the hardcore gamer for years with the shovel ware captain that was the Wii and the poor sales of the WiiU. But, with the launch of the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo is making its way back into the spotlight. With so much focus around the Switch and all of its upcoming releases, here’s a new weekly newsletter brought to you by Mulehorn Gaming all about Nintend...

Analog Assault Podcast Episode 1: SNES Classic, Diablo, Mass Effect, and Dog Meat Recorded on Thursday, August 3, 2017.

Welcome to Johnny’s Arcade. Every month I’ll be pulling some of the best retro games and consoles out of the closet, blowing off the dust and talking about what made them great… Or terrible!

It appears that Nintendo will be releasing a follow-up to their extremely successful Nintendo Classic with a Super Nintendo version. Eurogamer states that their sources have confirmed the rumors of this next iteration.* The miniature console should be releasing sometime this Christmas. Apparently, development of the SNES Classic is already underway.

Everyone loves a little nostalga here and there. The nostalgic feel is coming to Xbox and PC now with a new controller by Hyperkin X91. Welcome back to the 1990's.

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