WARNING STORY SPOILERS AT THE END. This is a tribute video to all the hours I’ve put into Destiny. Let’s push back the darkness guardians.

Take a look at the new Destiny 2 expansion Shadowkeep and its first mission! Enjoy

Guardians big and small, it’s time for this week’s Xur inventory. This is the last Xur visit before Shadowkeep officially launches on Tuesday, 10/1. This post will give you updates on his inventory and other Xur changes coming with the Shadowkeep release.

Earlier this year, Bungie announced its ambitious plans for the Destiny franchise after their split from previous publisher, Activision. With the future of Destiny 2 and the franchise as a whole in question, Bungie outlined a new, trans-formative expansion called “Shadowkeep” with a year’s worth of seasonal content as well as its new free-to-play point of entry, “New Light&...

Last week, Bungie revealed their plans for Destiny 2 which will be coming in September. This was a massive reveal and the significance of the short time between the launch of the Season of Opulence and the reveal is not to be ignored. I believe that Bungie really wanted to address the fact that they are now self-publishing the game. It is a great opportunity to address this while they have the com...

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