Sea Of Thieves

WOW, I am really impressed with what Rare has been doing with Sea of Thieves. The fact they got Disney on board and now we have Pirate of the Caribbean coming THIS MONTH! That is beyond exciting! Rare has been really keeping this game rolling! Check out Mule’s reaction with other community members.

Welcome to the seventh episode of the First-Person Perspective! In this on-going series, we will take a snapshot of what’s going on in the world of first-person games. This week we will look at Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Warzone, Sea Of Thieves, and Minecraft.

Rare has announced that they will be allowing anyone who owns Sea of Thieves (whether on disc, digitally, or through Game Pass) to send out three invitations to have their friends join them on the High Seas. This offer runs from February 6 – 13, 2019. Head over to their site to sign up if you own a copy of Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves Developer Update From Joe Neate: May 29th 2018

The Hungering Deep is here! And we’re accompanying it with a new developer video filmed and released on the same day. Join Executive Producer Joe Neate (and friend) for a chat about what to expect in today’s ravenous update and what lies beyond as we approach E3. Visit the official game site at

Official Sea of Thieves Developer Update: May 22nd 2018

Watch as Executive Producer Joe Neate talks us through some quality of life changes coming to Sea of Thieves, and more.

Editorial: Sea of Salt, or is Sea of Thieves a Game Changer?

It’s finally here. After all the betas and the stress tests, Xbox and PC gamers can finally get their hands on Rare’s newest game, Sea of Thieves. The sea of reviews, and apparently lots of salt, has been flowing across the internet. In my opinion, Sea of Thieves is a game changer.

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