Way back in middle school, our class was given a catalog for one of those book fairs and as I browsed, I saw a computer game that was for sale. Eager to try out our family’s fancy new computer with Windows 95 and our first-ever CD-ROM drive, I ordered a game called Command & Conquer Red Alert. When it arrived, I spent all night playing it, and was too “sick” to go to school the following day –...

Today we were invited to the Private Division presentation for Gamescom 2019. Private Division is the publisher for a number of upcoming Games. In this article, we will focus on the anticipated game by Halo and SOCOM veterans V1 Interactives: Disintegration.

Age of Empires 2 : Definitive Edition will include 4K graphics, updated audio and new campaign content, “The Last Khans”.  It will be available Fall 2019 on PC and Xbox Game Pass.  Can’t wait until the fall?  Sign up for the Age Insider Program and maybe you can get an early look.

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