MHG was recently given the opportunity to try out a new game by Antab Studio and Merge Games: Foreclosed. Merge calls Foreclosed a “narrative-driven action-adventure set in a Cyberpunk world filled with action, suspense, and experimental augmentations.” Let’s take a look at what to expect out of this title.

Ghost of Tsushima was released on Friday, 7/17/2020 with thunderous applause. Early reviews of the game gave players something to marvel at even before experiencing the game itself. I was lucky enough to receive the title courtesy of MulehornGaming and was awake at midnight on Friday to get a taste. Since then, I’ve put about 10 hours into the game and am here to provide my first impressions.

My introduction to The Witcher franchise came in the form of the 2015 masterpiece, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I bought it on sale during the Winter Sale on Xbox, and like all the other RPGs that live in the depths of my soul forevermore, Witcher 3 nestled in there nicely. When Netflix announced it was making a television adaption, my heart leaped. After months of casting announcements, pressers, an...

Editorial: Sea of Salt, or is Sea of Thieves a Game Changer?

It’s finally here. After all the betas and the stress tests, Xbox and PC gamers can finally get their hands on Rare’s newest game, Sea of Thieves. The sea of reviews, and apparently lots of salt, has been flowing across the internet. In my opinion, Sea of Thieves is a game changer.

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