Apex Legends’ ninth season, being referred to as “Legacy”, launched on Tuesday, 5/4. This season alongside a shiny new Legend, a new game mode “Arenas” appeared. The Apex Legends community has a lot to be excited about over the next three months!

Apex Legends is bring a new permanent 3v3 game mode to the arenas. New maps like Party Crasher, Phase Runner and more.  Along with the new mode Apex introduces us to a new legend, called Valkyrie and the Bocek Bow. New content drops May 4th!

Apex Legends debuts its upcoming season and a hint at new player-versus-player gameplay coming soon. More information will be released on 4/26/21, so stay tuned!

Respawn keeps delivering fantastic shorts. This one takes a look at a new legend coming Valkyrie, and a Titan tease?

Apex Season 5 is officially here and comes with the reveal of the legend LOBA.

Respawn has released new information on their next live event taking place April 7th through the 21st called The Old Ways.

At E3 2018 Star Wars fans had a new single-player Star Wars game dangled before their eyes. Anytime the words “Star Wars”  are flashed in front of my face they can’t help but grab my full attention. As a kid who grew up on the original trilogy, Star Wars is a holy sacrament of my childhood. Imagining myself as a Jedi swinging my lightsaber and defending the defenseless. It was sa...

Apex Legends season 3 is out and with that comes a new timed event called Fight or Fright. The event is running from October 15 through November 5th. Time to get your spooky on.

The good folks at Respawn released another update today. This time they are showing us more information for the ranked league series 2, adjustments for Season 3, and some newly added lore. New Character  Take a look at the new short animated story of Crypto.   One of the abilities is cool surveillance drones to stay in the fight and out of the spotlight! Season 3 We have a new battle pass to ...

I have been playing a lot of Apex Legends recently, and have really fallen in love with the game. I have ranked the battle pass all the way up to 110 and got my loot, and I really enjoyed the latest event for Wraith. But I have never really ventured into the ranked game mode. I have never felt like Apex really gave me anything for it other than bragging rights. But, finally, that has changed. I kn...

If you missed it Respawn released a short story from one of its characters, Wraith. Respawn is taking a page out of Blizzards book and taking the opportunity to give us more lore along with a new event starting today.

In this video, I wanted to help promote having a little faith in your team. It seems the trend is if you die you quit out. You never know when you might get a win thanks to your teammates. Watch part of the stream where I get a solo win. A few good shots in there and a lot of potato shots LOL. Enjoy. The stream is live Sun, Mon, and Thursday. Discord: https://disco...

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