Resident Evil 2

2019 was a divisive year in gaming, to say the least. We had highly anticipated AAA games launch and stumble while indie games honked their way into people’s hearts. Whether it was a brand-new IP or a remake/sequel 2019 was a showcase in gaming diversity.

A Little History The year is 1998, a devastating virus runs through the population of Raccoon City and it is up to our titular heroes Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy to make it out alive. A simple premise that was so successful with the first game in the series, Capcom again went to the well to bring the player into a frightening world of zombies, mutated animals, and dreaded Tyrants. The origina...

Everyone knows mule does not play zombie games, but we had to with Resident Evil 2 coming soon! Check out some of the sweet gameplay from Pax South 2019! Release date January 25, 2019

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