Welcome to another MHG video, in this one we talk about the future or Rogue Company and reveal their 2020 roadmap. If you are looking for Rogue Company beta codes make sure you are following our streams on Monday nights (drops enabled), our discord, and twitter page. We have lots of codes to give out!

Hey guys, in this video we give you a quick look at the new game by Hi-Rez Studios. This game is really fun and is currently running in the beta. Check it out and let me know in the comments below what you think.

Analog Assault Podcast Episode 88: Warzone with special guest JusReloaded In this episode, we have special guest JusReloaded, partner mixer stream, on as we discuss warzone! Apologies, as we did run into some technical difficulties in this episode as some parts of the audio, do clip out. Watch live on Thursdays @ 8:30 PM CST! https://mixer.com/mulehorngaming Become a supporter: https://www.patreon...

Put away your Graviton Lance, there’s a new meta coming to town.

It is one of the hottest games coming out of E3, and that is the new Bioware IP, Anthem! If you are new to Anthem here is the basic run down: Anthem is going to be a shared world, 3rd person view, Action RPG. The actions and things you do in the game will affect how the rest of the world is shaped, along with an ever changing environment due to the Shaper storms within the game.

While at PAX South this year, we ran into many developers and a fantastic line-up of great games. The social aspects of gaming seem to be of particular importance to developers (and gamers!) and it shows in the games being produced right now. One shining example of engaging social gameplay comes in the form of Rend, a new title that executes faction-based multiplayer alongside PvE and base-buildin...

The launch of Destiny 2 was pretty smooth compared to previously launched DLC, and vanilla Destiny. We all remember the issues with the Rise of Iron tapir errors. Along with the launch of any game comes heartburn and a helping of salt. One of the issues with Destiny 1 crucible players have is the absence of private matches in Destiny 2. Well, we have good news for all you guardians out there in cy...

A game I heard that was going to be attending PAX South 2017 was Hyper Universe! published by Nexon America and developed by CWAVESOFT. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised with what I got to experience at PAX.

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