Private Division

(Best read as David Attenborough) Here we get to experience the ancient Hominid in its natural environment, the heart of Africa. They have many natural predators from snakes to wild boars.  Every plant surrounding them could be their end. Whether they survive or not depends on you.

Today we were invited to the Private Division presentation for Gamescom 2019. Private Division is the publisher for a number of upcoming Games. In this article, we will focus on the anticipated game by Halo and SOCOM veterans V1 Interactives: Disintegration.

Panache Digital Games and Private Division today released the final installment of their three-part introduction trailer, in which Patrice Désilets explains how “evolution” in Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey works. And he discusses how a player’s curiosity and ingenuity is rewarded in the game.

As part of the Gamescom Opening Night Live, V1 Interactive and Private Division revealed a trailer for the upcoming shooter, Disintegration.

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