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Niantic Labs, developers of Pokémon Go, have announced Wayfarer – a replacement of Operation Portal Recon – a tool reserved exclusively for higher-level Ingress players. Wayfarer is already live, and with it comes the announcement that the tool will be made available “to eligible Pokémon GO players before the new year”. Where Do Pokéstops Come From? Ingress, the godfather of location-based augment...

Pokémon is at it again with their 2019 Pokémon Press Conference.  With big reveals like a new Detective Pikachu game in the works for the Nintendo Switch, and the new universal cloud-based Pokémon storage system, the future of Pokémon only seems to be getting brighter.

Pokémon GO developer Niantic revealed a new feature coming soon to the game called Adventure Sync. The intention of this new opt-in feature is better integration with your phone’s native fitness trackers – Apple Health for Apple devices and Google Fit for Android. As a result, Adventure Sync will record your steps and walking distance in the game, without your game being open. Trainers using Adven...

Trading, Friends, and Gifts seem pretty simple on the surface — and are, for the most part. But buried within the latest Pokémon Go update there are plenty of advanced functions and interesting quirks that will completely overhaul the end game for advanced trainers. Grab your external battery, strap on your Go-tcha, and train like you’ve never trained before.

While most argue that it should’ve been a Day 1 feature, trading is coming to Pokémon Go this week along with a whole slate of new features including gifts and friends! While definitely long overdue, the explosive initial success of the game coupled with rampant cheating have forced game developers Niantic to take a methodical approach to ensure they got it right. But did they?

No mobile game has evolved from its initial iteration as much as Pokémon Go has, and Niantic has leveled up the game yet again with the addition of quests. After a weekend of tackling dozens of missions, the game’s attempt at rekindling my passion and nostalgia has been super effective – and not just by taunting me with the chance to catch Mew.

For many trainers, Pokémon Go has lost that special spark. But the new raids bring the excitement back to the game.

Have you ever taken a look at Pokémon Go and thought that while the concept seems interesting, the game isn’t quite your cup of tea? Allow me to introduce you to PoGo’s bigger, badder, nerdier brother: Ingress.

After a few hours of peer pressure, I finally caved and gave in to my inner nerdness and nostalgia for Pokémon. I went ahead and downloaded the Pokémon Go app and tried to catch them all. I noticed some of the stuff can be confusing and it might be hard as a starting player. I’ve done my research and put it to the test and now present to you our Top 10 tips to get yo...

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