Pax South

At PAX South I came across a great looking indie game called Shot One, by Red Moon Workshop. A spiritual successor to Windjammers, Shot One is still in the early stages of development, but they are hoping to make waves in the eSports scene.  Check out the video to see an interview with one of the devs and find out more about the game!

I had the chance to check out E-Line Media’s upcoming sea exploration game, Beyond Blue. Beyond Blue is a game of sea exploration and discovery. The game takes place in the near future where players control Mirai, a deep-sea explorer, who has assembled a new research team to explore the ocean like never before.

PAX South proved once again that it plays host to some amazing Indie games. One of the highlights from the show was a real-time tactical game with RPG and base-management elements in a WW2 setting. Let’s take a look at Alter Games’ upcoming title Partisans 1941!

Analog Assault Episode 83: Live at Pax South 2020

Check out this awesome 4 player co-op Zombie game called Zombie Army 4, which is set to come out in February. Check out the interview and some of the trailer above.

Back in January, during PAX South, I spotted an odd duck head on someone at a booth that had a game playing on a Playstation Vita. These being odd things to see, I thought I’d stop to take a closer look at Pato Box.  Seeing that the game was coming to the Nintendo Switch it piqued my interest and since then I was able to stay in touch with Samir Durán Kuri, the project manager at Bromio. He was ab...

We came across a group of guys wearing some sweet jerseys at the Coatsink software booth at PAX South. On display were two games Coatsink is publishing on the Nintendo Switch. We got an interview with Bren King from PHL Collective, and he told us all about Clusterpuck 99.

In the future, where people crowd into stadiums to watch supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered cars play soccer, and where eSports have conquered the world – an exciting new arena sport makes its debut. Welcome to Laser League, a fast-paced, action packed, 2v2 top down action game where the environment is constantly changing and trying to kill you.

If there’s one vice I have that keeps enticing me to buy more and more, it’s Star Wars – and Fantasy Flight’s new trading card and miniatures games may be the latest to grab my attention.

Imagine, if you will, the surface of Mars a century into the future. You are a clone created for the dangerous task of mining precious ores from the red planet. But then, in a flash of light, everything changes. You’re seemingly alone, the robotic sentinels once there to protect you have now become your enemy. Your own survival has become a tentative state. Welcome to Memories of Mars.

As a child did you ever have nightmares about monsters coming for you in your room? Well, now you can fight back in the upcoming indie game, Sleep Tight from We Are Fuzzy Studios.  Build pillow forts and upgrade your dart guns in this top-down, twin-stick survival shooter with a Pixar-like feel to the visuals and story.

In the documentary “The New 8 Bit Heroes”, we see the epic tale of a childhood dream crafted into reality. Joe Granato IV the creative director, and star of the film goes through the rigorous trials of creating a new game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System based on illustrations he found from ideas he had as a child.

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