Pax South 2020

Doomtrooper was one of the few games that REALLY stood out to me from Pax South this year. The artwork is what caught my eye initially. The trailer playing on the monitor held me, but it was talking to Justin Reynard, the developer, that sold me.

One of the more interesting booths at Pax South was that of the*gameHERs. Darklife and I met with co-founders Heather and Laura to learn more about the community they are gearing up to build.

For someone who grew up in the Nintendo era of gaming, I have played my fair share of the Original Zelda. Even now I have a special place in my heart for games in that Action Adventure RPG genre. So I was super happy to find a game like Garden Story at PAX. A game that throws back to the way games were with a modern twist.

During PAX South 2020 I was given the chance to chat with some of the team over at Glorious PC Gaming Race’s booth. It was interesting to see something that started as a brainchild of the subreddit that shares its name come so far in the world of PC peripherals.

Possibly one of the best games at PAX South. The Arcade Crew looks to captivate gamers with their upcoming title Young Souls. This Action RPG, beat-em-up is much deeper than it appears on the surface.

The long-awaited squeal of a throwback arcade classic is almost upon us. Windjammers 2 is the sequel to the 1994 smash hit found in NEO Geo cabinets. Let’s take a look at Dotemu’s latest outing!

For those of you looking for the next Metroidvania type game to play have no fear, Turtle Blaze has just the thing. Kunai is an intense action game with a cool twist on a classic action sidescroller.

PAX South proved once again that it plays host to some amazing Indie games. One of the highlights from the show was a real-time tactical game with RPG and base-management elements in a WW2 setting. Let’s take a look at Alter Games’ upcoming title Partisans 1941!

Draco stops by the Tinybuild booth at Pax South and chats with Tinybuild CEO.

Thaddeus Prime interviews 3D Realms developers and get the skinny on 3 new games coming out soon. Watch the video to get a peek and more information. UPDATE: We have been informed that Ghostrunner is developed by One More Level and All in! Games.

Its that time again, Pax South 2020 has arrived and we meet up with our friends over at StackUp. Watch as Thaddeus Prime interviews Dave with Stackup to find out what they are all about.

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