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Battle Chef Brigade by Trinket Studios is truly a gem of flavor and taste on the Nintendo Switch.  The game brings you into a world of fantasy and magic where battle chefs are the saviors and protectors of the land and, to hone their skills, an annual tournament is held in tradition.

Phantom Trigger by Tiny Build for the Nintendo Switch brings you into a world of grungy, sci-fi, chaos and dismay as you go back and forth from the life of Stan, a seemingly normal man dealing with a terminal illness, to that of the Outsider, a whip wielding, sword slinging traveler trying to make sense of the quirky characters and perilous land he has sailed to.

The Nintendo Switch has been out preforming all of it’s early sales estimates, and things are looking even better for the future of the console. Including releasing a big hit that originally release on console, Rocket League. Via the Rocket League website a big announcement was revealed!

Genesis kids, rejoice! Sonic the Hedgehog has returned, and is better than ever! Sonic Mania recently took Sonic back into his “glory days” of the 90s, and wow, did they invoke that nostalgia. Throughout the years, Sonic has had his highs and lows. But, trust me, you will want to jump into this game and enjoy the evolution of the Sega mascot.

A note: The following is a personal perspective on the ongoing “console war” between the Sony PlayStation brand (and its devout proponents) and the other video game console manufacturers. The goal of this editorial is not to convince the reader to purchase a particular item, nor to avoid purchasing anything. It is more akin to a journal entry of sorts, used to organize my thoughts on t...

Need more places to stick your Switch? As of Friday, Nintendo has got you covered! Enter: The Nintendo Switch Dock Set.

Today is podcast recording day! Don't forget to send us your comments or questions via twitter #WordOnTheTweet or email us at So, let's get to it as the mules bring you the daily Mulehorn Gaming Rapid Fire News for January 19, 2017!

Most people had January 12th circled on their calendar. We have been eager to hear about what the Nintendo Switch is and when we can expect it. Well, we finally know much more than we ever have. The Nintendo Switch Presentation had gamers glued to their screens to see what the new console would be like. So, let’s break it down and take a look at some of the things we saw.

Oh, sweet Christmas. The mules are doing it again. Hard at work for you to bring all the gaming news in one spot! We present to you the daily Mulehorn Gaming Rapid Fire News for January 12, 2017.

Set to release in March ’17, Nintendo has revealed their new console, the Nintendo Switch. Previously known as the Nintendo NX, we’ve finally gotten a glimpse of what this box can do. How does it stack up against other consoles, though? Read on!

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