Yesterday, September 10, 2020, Treyarch exhibited their newest Black Ops multiplayer build straight from their bunker. The reveal has had us all abuzz with excitement. The curtains have been pulled back ever so slightly to give us an expectation of what is to come this fall. Join us as we break down what we saw and what we are looking forward to on Nov. 13. Black Ops Cold War is slated to release ...

In the future, where people crowd into stadiums to watch supersonic acrobatic rocket-powered cars play soccer, and where eSports have conquered the world – an exciting new arena sport makes its debut. Welcome to Laser League, a fast-paced, action packed, 2v2 top down action game where the environment is constantly changing and trying to kill you.

BioWare is giving its players a weekly mission for those who are investing time in the strikes and multiplayer APEX Mission side of the game. This week we have our latest information from Kandros that includes us chasing down the Archon’s Obsession.

Bioware is continuing the support for their recently released game, Mass Effect Andromeda with a new patch. The patch is looking at some of the shortcomings in the multiplayer and also giving more to the Deluxe or Super Deluxe Edition owners.

Bioware has put together another video in the gameplay series, with this one focusing on multiplayer. In this video, learn all about cooperative...

More information has be revealed about the 10 hour EA Access/ Origins Access trail for Mass Effect Andromeda. To get the details click the read more tab.

It accrued to me as we got news on N7 day that Mass Effect 2 and 3 will be backwards compatible that more people will be joining in on the epic adventures and fun of Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. So, why not give the masses some tips on how to run a few characters and a basic overview for all you new players?

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